10-07-1907 Freud to Jung

36 F

1the. 7. 07.

IX, Berggasse 19.

My dear colleague,

I write to you - quickly and briefly - to reach you again before your departure and send you my greetings to the time of the great intellectual break. It will do you good. The charming trifles which is full your last letter remind me that I am also the end of my year's work. The 14 I go to the Lavarone Val Sugana South Tyrol Hotel du Lac

I would not want to have to spend during this period of your new, which are already now a real need for me - I can not fit the end of September - so I will inform you of my change of location. Around the time you defend the Amsterdam conference, I hope to stay in Sicily ner-. Despite all the distractions, some of my thoughts will be with you. May you find here- already low consideration that you deserve and want, myself that I am so very interested.

I'm already in correspondence with the Dr Abraham. Efforts should indeed concern me greatly. How is it actually? Letter and work have very favorably disposed me toward her. I expect this to work every day of your cousin Riklin. Is that the personal satisfaction that my judgment astray : I came here on a bed of highly capable men and for?

Today I received precisely Lausanne letter from a student who wants to talk about my work in a scientific evening at the docent Sternberg. Switzerland real move-ment.

Take care and do not forget completely during the long vacation your

cordially dedicated

Dr Freud.

Southwest of Trento, Today on Italian soil.

"Understanding juvenile sexual traumatismos for the symptomatology of dementia praecox", ed. orig. International journal of Neurology and Psychiatry, n.s. XVIII, June 1907; Complete Works, The, p. 17.

Théodore Sternberg, lecturer at German law at the University of Lausanne.

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