12-08-1907 Jung to Freud

Burghölzli Zurich, 12. VIII. 1907.

Honored Professor!

Forgive me please my long silence. During the three weeks of military service I really have not had a single moment for me. We were harnessed 5 am to 8 pm. Night, it was always dead tired. When I returned, administrative affairs of the asylum were piled up and more Pr Bleuler and the first assis-tant (1) went on holiday. This means that there was something to do. To overflow the extent, the Congress Secretariat Amsterdam started to squeeze my manuscript, that do not exist yet. So I had to throw myself headlong into the development of my lecture. This is a tough issue! Above all it is an extremely difficult task to dilute the richness of ideas, to cook this dilution and ultimately successful shot wizard to draw something homogeneous. But what seems almost impossible, is to dilute the product again to make it somewhat digestible public ignorance. I am now just at the turn of the newest web design hysteria, Detailed introduction to sexuality in the psychology of hysteria. This often makes me almost to despair. Finally I console myself always thinking that the foregoing either is not understood 99 % public, and I can say in this part about what I want. We do not understand anyway. This is a demonstration, a finding that 1907 someone said, officially, before an international conference, something about the Freudian doctrine of hysteria in a positive intention. In fact I come increasingly to the conviction that you are perfectly right to almost solely on account of the fact that the poor will not want to understand. We do all kinds of experiments on the subject. America moves well. In three weeks, six Amer Rican, a Russian, an Italian and a Hungarian were spent here. Germany fails.

As soon as I finished my lecture, this child pain, I hope you write again.

Begging you again to forgive me the long break.

your always devoted


1. Abraham, cf. 35 J, n. 8, although his letter to Freud's 9 August did not report his absence.

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