18-08-1907 Freud to Jung

38 F

18 August 07 (1).

Hotel Selva à St. Christina, Groden (2).

My dear colleague,

Depletion of my personality by the interruption of our trade takes so thankfully end. Myself lazy and wandering around the world with my family, I know you returned to work and letters remind me again what has become for us the two most interesting.

Do not despair. It was probably in your letter that these ways of speaking. It is immaterial to be understood for the moment by officials. In the mass still hiding, anonymous, behind, there is enough people who want understand and then suddenly emerge, as I have often experienced. Tween- worth does not in fact be essentially the story, and there your Amsterdam conference will be designated as a landmark. That you designate as the hysterical person in your, the need to make an impression on men and take them on the influence, what makes you so fit to be a master- First and guide, it will find its account even if you have not made a concession to the judgment which is the currently. One, at that time, you have succeeded in a more abundant still put your seeds in the personal mass fermentation of my ideas, no differences remain more between your case and mine.

I do not feel well enough to undertake the journey to Sicily in September as planned, where this time the sirocco is undisputed reign, and therefore I do not know where I will spend the coming weeks. I'm staying here until late August, busy mountain walks and picking edelweiss; I do not go to Vienna before the end of September. Overall it is sure that you write to me for the moment my address Viennese, because the post was in the mountains is unsafe. My little pocket diary is not a single rating for four weeks, so all intellectual investments are radically empty. I nevertheless remains very grateful if you remember something in my memory.

Germany undoubtedly contribute to our cause only from the date on which any monk has solemnly recognized the superior. The shortest path might- be to interest the Emperor Guillaume, of course, includes all. Do you have relationships that extend into- is ? Not me. Maybe Harden, the editor of the Future, sniff- Does it work in your(3) psychiatry future? You see I am here right mood to joke. I hope. vacation you have been placed away from the work you have made all the rest I hope to achieve here by a distance intentional.

Your always cordially dedicated,

Dr Freud.

1. En-tête « Berggasse » biffé. Letter reproduced in Freud, Corresponding dance Schur and partially in, Freudand Living and Dying.

2. The Freud went Lavarone this resort in the Dolomites, Italian today, and called Selva Gardena in.

3. Cf. 27 F, n. 6.

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