27-08-1907 Freud to Jung

4o F

Hôtel Anne home and Seehof am Ossiach (Carinthia) 1

Annenheim, the 27 August 1907.

My dear colleague,

You forgive me for having used you, on map 2 open, address more formal. —- So your letter was charming and I was once again shown that more a treatise. At the beginning, you found yourself in front of you seemed serious and scare you contrast. I would be sorry that you thought for a moment that I really doubt something you. But then you have recovered and you have found the only position that can be taken when one is in front of his + + +3 unconscious, that of humor, and yours is deliciously successful.

It made me favorable to Abraham, is that it directly addresses the problem of sex, and that is why I gladly made available that I. Your description of his character so the door seal correctly that I would accept it without further examination. Nothing to object, and yet something that precludes intimacy. Someone a little "ramp, but sharply4 », you say, and this should be your harshly contrasting open and leads to others with him. It would be interesting to know the private relationships that are developing such a reservation, the injury secret sense of self, or the sting of poverty and misery, sullen youth, etc. Otherwise, Is a descendant of his namesake?

To respond to your request, a bundle of this paper would not. Not that I know much, but you could say such a variety of things possible also justified. For the moment I do not want anyone to allowed to say that sexuality is the mother of all feelings. We know indeed, as the poet5, two sources instinctual. Sexuality is one of them. Feeling seems to be the internal perception of an instinctual investment. There are certainly feelings combined from both sources. I do not know what to do with "personality", as little as the "me" bleulérien his study of affectivity 6. I think these are the concepts of psychology and surface we are in metapsychology, behind, even when we can not even cover the inside.

I infer (for the time being) the complex role of sexual hysteria only as a theoretical necessity, and not their frequency and intensity. This is probably not provable at this time. When we see people getting sick from their job, etc., it is not yet decisive, the composante car (homosexual humans) is easy to discover in the analysis. I know we meet somewhere so the opposition between me and Investment investment object; but without requiring direct (clinical), I can not speculate at all.

I'm so out of all I do not even know the date of the Amsterdam Congress. I have yet to hear from you before? I stay here until 10 September.

Sincerely yours Dr Freud.

  1. See facsimile pl. 7. The Freud spent two weeks in this hotel. Cf. Jones, II, p. 38.

2. Is not retained.

3. On + + +, cf. supra 11 F, n. 7.

4. Faust I, 521. Freud had never seen Abraham. As soon as they began to correspond and Abraham had visited Freud in Vienna, Freud had a very positive opinion of Abraham.

5. Schiller, in The worldly-wise [Sages], Freud liked to quote. (En parlant de la nature 🙂 Entre-temps, before the building of the world. The philosophy is maintained. / It maintains in the mechanism. / By hunger and by love.

6. Affektwitât, Suggestibilität, Paranoia [Affectivity, susceptibility to suggestion, paranoia] Hall, 1906.

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