29-08-1907 Jung to Freud

41 J

Burghölzli Zurich, 29 August 07.

Honored Professor!

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your good letter. The last time I was already a little embarrassed because I thought you were in trouble my long silence. This is one of my faults, I can never do two things at the front. A letter to you for me part of the "things".

Dr Eagle, who recently asked a question of technique, I wrote that you did not go quite well? You have not said anything to me. I hope it's just something quite passenger.

Could we not consider greet you once in Switzerland this fall? In our clinic it would be a day of celebration and honor, and I would of course extraordinarily happy see you and hear you again. I returned from Amsterdam and 10.XI could tell you about my Apostolic.

I fear I have painted Abraham (that is what its name) too dark in color. I do not know anything about its history, what is significant. The report fails comfortable, which I do not feel guilty. He often slight thoughts of persecution for my. His wife (1)est de Berlin, it suffers from auto-eroticism Berlin, with all the psychological consequences. It acts on A[braham].

The feeling or perception of an instinctual investment, this is great, I find, and this trend seems to greatly simplify many things. If you do not know what the "I" of its bleulérien Affectivity, you can safely include my design of complex I (2), because both are worthless, are really the "psychology of surface". More, virtually, we must keep the relationship with the surface, for didactic reasons. I am very grateful for formulating your opinion on the role of sexuality; it is what I expected.

I'll be in Amsterdam I 10.ix. Address : Hotel de l'Europe, Doelenstraat.

Hope your prophecy will be fulfilled, quelqu'un Restera hormis qu'il l'opposition.

Get the best greetings

entirely devoted to your


1. Hedwig Marie, born Burgner (1878-1969).

2. Cf. Young, About the psychology of dementia praecox, § 86, n. 1.

i. Reproduced in Freud, Correspondence 1873- 193g, partially in Schur, Freud, Living and Dying ; almost all of the second paragraph in Jones, II, p. 118 sq.

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