02-09-1907 Freud to Jung

42 F

Hôtel Anne home and Seehof am Ossiach (Carinthia) Annenheim, the 2 seven, 1907 (1).

My dear colleague,

So I know Amsterdam, just before or just after your conference dangerous, busy defending my cause, and I feel almost like a coward seek meantime mushrooms in the woods or go swimming in a peaceful lake in Carinthia, instead of defending myself or my cause at least put me on your side. To appease me, I think that it's better for the cause, you, as the other, the second, were to save at least part of the resistance that I would be prepared, we hear that no unnecessary repetition if I said again the same things, and are best suited to propaganda, because I've always found something in my person, my words or my ideas repelled foreign men as, while their hearts are open to you. If you, a healthy man, you con-hysterical type Derez, I have to claim my type "obsessional", each member lives as inside a closed world.

I do not know if you had or if you're lucky or unlucky; but I'd just be in the moment with you, rejoice in not being alone, and, if you need some encouragement, tell you about my many years of honorable but painful loneliness, who started for me as soon as I took the first look at the new world; lack of sympathy and understanding of the closest friends; distressing episodes during which I thought myself I was wrong and was thinking how you could still make a living for his failed profitable; the conviction, which gradually consolidated and could still cling to the interpretation of dreams as a rock in the surf; and the quiet certainty that finally took possession of me and ordered me to wait until a voice in the crowd unknown answer mine. It was yours; I do not know now that you Bleuler is also due. Be in gratitude and do not be troubled in the confidence of victory and live up to j Ouir.

Luckily I do not even claim too much your sympathy with my state. I completed entering the climacteric age by dyspepsia (which followed an influenza) tough enough, but during these weeks of beautiful tranquility dissipated except very slight reminders.

He was arrested for a long time that I would come home to Zurich. But I see this as a journey of Christmas or Easter, at work, not as I am now, where all investments are unloaded almost like sleep. It is indeed a real need for me to go back a few hours chatting with you.

With cordial greetings (and best wishes!)


Dr Freud.

1.]Reproduced in Freud, Correspondence 18731939, partially in Schur, Freud, Living and Dying ; almost all of the second paragraph in Jones, II, p. 118 sq.

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