04-09-1907 Jung to Freud

43 J

Hotel de l'Europe Amsterdam, 4. IX. 1907.

Honored Professor!

Just two words in haste, abreact for something. I spoke this morning; unfortunately, I could not quite finish my lecture, because I have exceeded the limit of half an hour, not that I was not allowed(1). This is an ugly den of murderers here. It is indeed emotional resistance. Aschaffenburg has two slips in his lecture (instead of "no facts", "The facts") which to conclude that he is unconsciously already infected. Hence also his rabid attack. In conversation, something signifi-cant, he never tries to be taught a lesson, but strives to prove how incredibly great is our mistake. But it does not seek to hear more about our reasons. I collected a number of beautiful affects otherwise comment on its. As for the other, each hangs loosely to the coattails of those who walk in front of him and has more weight. The discussion will take place tomorrow. I will not say anything if possible, because every word that we sacrifice these resistors is a loss. This is a terrible band, stinking vanity, Janet unfortunately first. I'm glad you do you are never involved in the fray of an association of self-incense. How much nonsense and stupidity! Despite all this, I feel that the cause ferments. He still missing about three people with great intelligence and creative force, who are gifted enough to create an environment, and that Germany. We are now in Switzerland a little off center. I saw once again that if you want to be useful to the cause, must abide by the most basic things. What people do not know not is beyond all understanding, and that they do not want not know is simply amazing. Aschaffenburg has treated an obsessional neurosis and when the patient wanted to come to talk about sexual complexes, he was forbidden to speak, So - Freudian doctrine is nonsense ! A[schaffenburg] proclaims it publicly and beating his chest by saying (naturally with accents moralizing underlying). How can we talk to people in these conditions? With best regards, your always devoted


1. This episode (and all the "First International Congress of Psychiatry, Neurology and assistance of the insane ", 2-7 September) is described in detail by Jones, II, p. 118 sqq., et Ellenberger, TheDiscovery of the Unconscious, p. 796-798. For a discussion of Jung, see 82 F, n. 3. Aschaffenburg that appeared in the conference report, Monthly magazine, flight. XXII, 1907, p. sqq.

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