19-09-1907 Freud to Jung

45 F

Rome, 19 seven.07 (1).

My dear colleague

On my arrival here I found your letter on the further course of the congress. She did not depressed, and I noted with satisfaction that you're not either. To you, I think this experience will have the best effect, at least those who are closest to me heart. Home, respect of the cause increases again. I was already on the road to tell me : what, after ten years already on the path of consideration? it may not be there suitable. Now, I again to keep for such. But you see, tactics you have taken so far loses its foundation. People do not want to do their lesson. So now they do not understand the simplest things. The day they want, it will prove that they understand the more complicated as. Until then the setpoint is : continue to work, Talk as little as possible. One could indeed say that one : you are a fool, to another : you are a thief, and it is rightly excluded from effecting the expression of these beliefs then. We also know that they are poor devils, CRAI-panied by which a part of shock, affect their career, and the other, are(2) chained in fear of the repressed in them- same. We must wait until they all perish or become slowly minority. What happens to fresh and new to us anyway.

Unfortunately I can not quote from memory the beautiful lines of C. F. Meyer and ending :

And that bell, that rings so merry There's a new world for the Protestant (3).

[And the bell, that sounds so gaily, It is that comes into the world a new protestant.]

However Aschaffenburg, you have so brilliantly drilled to date (see above my lapsus calami : am instead are), is apparently the main trickster, because it has this in him know everything better. It must be remembered that. You rightly raise the absolute sterility of our opponents, which must be exhausted in the same insults and rehearsals, so that we can continue to work, as well as all those who join us. The Celtic (4) surprised you is certainly not the only; This year we will hear supporters unexpected and you will get more successful in your school.

Now here is my ceterum censeo (5) : base our magazine. On va insults, buy and read. The years of struggle will seem more beautiful one day, in memory. About me, please, do not fuss. I'm too human to be good at it. Your desire to have my portrait brings me back to express a wish that will certainly be easier to fulfill. Fifteen years ago I did not ask of my own for a photographer, because I am so proud that I can not bear the physical decay. There are two years, I had my picture (Decree on) for exposure Hygiene, but I hate this picture so I do not want to do anything to reach it in your possession. My son made at about the same time a photo- graphy of me that is quite unpretentious and much better. If you want, I will look for you in Vienna. What is the best and most flattering for me, this is probably the plate that C.F. Schwerdtner has crafted for my fiftieth birthday (6). If you say a word assen-partment, I will send you.

I saw quite lonely here in Rome, in some fan-tasmes, and I intend to return in the last days of the month only. My address is Hotel Milano. With the start of the holiday I buried deep science and I want to go back a bit and I get something out of me. The city is incomparable place that this requires. Even though the main focus of my work should be done, I'm still working with you and the younger, as long as it will. Eitingon (7), I met in Florence, is now here and I will probably visit soon, to tell me detailed prints of Amsterdam. He seems to have again provided some woman. This praxis away from the theory. When I have quite overcame my libido (in the ordinary sense), I put a "love life of men (8) ».

With my cordial greetings and waiting for your answer,

Your very devoted

Dr Freud.

1. Reproduced in Freud, Correspondence 1873-1939, Freud was in Florence 15 and 16 September, during which the rencontra Eitingon, and Rome 17 to 26 September. Cf. Jones, II, p. 38 sq., and letters to family written that month (Correspondence).

2. Thousand [am] corrected are [are].

3. Misquotation of the epic poem by Conrad Ferdinand Meyer (1825- 1895), Hutten's Last Days [The last days of Hutten], 1871, XXIV. In response to a questionnaire from the Viennese journal New leaves of Literature and Art, Freud quoted this poem in a list of "ten good books'. Cf. Freud, Correspondence 1873-1939, lettre à Hugo Heller You Inhe November 1906, falsely dated 1907 in 1re edition.

4. Der Celtic [the Celt] was falsely read as the Old [old] in Correspondence 1873-1939.

5. Referring to the famous formula by which Cato the Elder (234-149 of. J.-C.) ended all his speeches before the Roman Senate : Ceterum censeo Carthaginem this delendam. [The rest, I think we should destroy Carthage].

6. Proponents of Freud in Vienna did knock on the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary, the 6 may 1906, a medal designed by a famous Viennese sculptor, Karl Maria Schwerdtner (1874-1916). We carry a profil straight Freud, the reverse Oedipus before the Sphinx, Box of Sophocles to "Who solved the riddle of the Sphinx and famous was a very powerful man" (one grec). See pl. 6.

7. Max Eitingon (1881-1943), born in Galicia, spent his youth in Leipzig. Voluntary Burghölzli, He went from there to Vienna and attended the Wednesday evenings 23 and 3o January 1907. He was the first foreigner to visit Freud, cf. the letter Freud wrote 24 January 1922, in Correspondence 1873-1939. Founding member of the Berlin Psychoanalytic Association, 1910, and sixth member of the "committee" in 1919, cf. the record after 321 J. The bases en 1921 the Berlin polyclinic of psychoanalysis, proposing to make analytic therapy accessible to larger segments of the population and organize training courses analytic, including mandatory training analysis. He went to Palestine 1934, where he founded the Association of Psychoanalysis Palestine.

8. Freud had already announced at the company Wednesday of 28 November 1906 he planned a study on "the love life of man". Cf. Minutes, The, p. 66; cf. also 209 F, n. 7 and 288 F, n. 1.

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