25-09-1907 Jung to Freud

46 J

Burghölzli Zurich, 25. IX. 07.

Honored Professor!

My answer is unfortunately, again with some delay, because I spent the last days for the most part in bed, due to acute gastroenteritis. I'm still somewhat diminished because of this.

I would be very grateful if you could provide the picture that was made by your son. Can I ask you to tell me where you can get the plate? I want to buy.

We have found a company here in Zurich Freudian doctors (1) which will hold its first meeting next Friday. We count about twelve. On the agenda there naturally casuistry.

The project of founding a magazine I would not mind, as you know; but I would not rush the matter, First because I have enough to my other commitments. It is only when all the net is that I can put myself in such a new company. I am now more involved in the issue of an international institute for research into the causes of mental illness (2). Must also await the resolution of this issue. In any case I do not think the right to review before the second half of 1908. Then the thing as it comes about of itself.

I am a talkative Eitingon absolutely no power - just what is love without judgment he pronounced that comes to mind that I'm jealous of his abreaction unreservedly polygamous instincts. I withdraw "without strength" as too compromising. While it will never provide something solid, Maybe he will become a member of the State Duma (3)?

Dr Gross said he got rid of immediately transfer to the doctor, making people immoralists sex. Transfer to the doctor and attachment are sustainable, dit-yl, a symbol of monogamy, and are thus a symptom, as a symbol of repression. The state really is healthy for the neurotic sexual immorality. You thus combines Nietzsche. It seems to me that sexual repression is very important and indispensable factor of culture, even if it is pathogenic to many inferior. There must be some disturbance in the world. Finally, culture is the fruit of disgusting things. I think Gross agrees too far, with modern, in the doctrine of short sex, which is neither spiritual, or taste, only convenient, and thus all but one element producing culture.

Sincerely, your fully dedicated


1. Jung reported in a paper on "The current status of applied psychology in different countries of civilization" (Journal of Applied Psychology, flight. The, 1907-1908, p. 4^9 sq. : "We then founded in autumn 1907 research firm Freudian (comprising about 20 Member), President is Professor Bleuler. Cf. G.W., 18.

2. We know nothing else of this project.

3. La douma russe, which met for the first time in 1906, say was hold by Tsar; two Dumas were elected thereafter, which however remained without effect.

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