01-10-1907 Jung to Freud

47 J

Burghölzli Zurich, The, X. 07 (1).

Honored Professor!

I think you have not received my last letter, I've sent to Rome. I wrote there about seven days ago. The first meeting of our society was very interesting. There were twelve people present. One of our assistants (2) discussed the sexual symbolism of a case of catatonia and Riklin provided an analysis of Confessions of a Beautiful Soul (3). After two conferences, lively discussion and fruitful. The next time, Director Bertschinger (4) (a student Forel, now very active supporter of ideas) expose the "psychosynthesis (5) », with which it has only negative experiences.

With best regards,

your fully dedicated


1. Postcard.

2. Hans Wolfgang Maier (1882-1945), student Forel and Aschaffenburg, the Burghölzli from 19o5; Bleuler successor to the direction of the clinical 1927.

3. Goethe, Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship, Book VI. Conference Riklin is not published.

4. Johannes Heinrich Bertschinger (1870-1935), Swiss psychiatrist, Burghölzli doctor at the time of Forel, from 1898 attending the clinic and Rheinau 1904 his death clinic director Cantonal Psychiatric Breitenau near Schaffhausen. Member of the Zurich psychoanalytic.

5. Theory Bezzola, cf. 18 F, n. 5; cf. 's conference in Amsterdam last, 43 J, n. 5 : "Processes specific to reorganize mental synthesis in the treatment of neuroses", Journal of Psychiatry, flight. XII, No. 6, June 1908; for a system independent of psychosynthesis- is, developed by the Dr R. Assagioli, see 151 J, n. 3.

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