02-11-1907 Jung to Freud

5o J

Burghözli-Zurich, 2. XI. 07.

Honored Professor!

I fall into all the concerns of the patient treated analytically, because I am constrained to represent all the fears of the possible consequences of my confession. It is necessary that I give you a result that should interest you. You may remember that I told you a short dream I had when I was in Vienna. I was then unable to solve. You searched solution in the field of complex competition. I dreamed I saw you walking next to me in the form of an old man very old and fragile (1). I was therefore deeply concerned from time to time, but without success. It was only after I've confessed my sorrow that the solution came (as usual). My dream reassures me about the +++ danger (2) you represent ! I could not get this idea at the time, of course not! I hope the gods of the underworld now leave me in peace with these annoyances.

I do not know if I tell you something new you in communicating the history of child Jensen is clear now. The solution lies in an extremely beautiful in new The Red Umbrella and In-house as Gothic (3). These two pieces are wonderful parallel to the Materials, going down to the smallest subtleties. The problem is the Vamour between brothers and sisters. Jensen was he a sister? I renounce you spread details. I would only spoil you the charm of discovery.

Je suis devenu pour mes mérites comme occultiste « honorary fellow of the American Society for Psychical Research (4) ». As such I am a bit busy again more occult phenomena. Your findings here are proven as the most brilliant. What do you think of this area?

It is my hope that the keenest you will come to Zurich for the Christmas holidays. I can certainly then welcome you as a guest in my house?

With best regards, Your most devoted


1. Cf. similar in Jung's dream, My life, p. 190.

2. The + + + are added. Cf. 11 F n. 7

3. In Volume About Powers [Higher powers], Berlin, 1892.

4. Led by the American philosopher James Hervey Hyslop ( 1854-1920), which was founded in 1906. It is probably he who proposed the election of Jung.

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