08-11-1907 Jung to Freud

51 J

Burghölzli Zurich, 8. XI. O7.

Honored Professor!

Receive the most cordial thanks for your letter (1) who acted beneficial. You are right to rent the humor as the only appropriate response to the inevitable. That was my principle, until the repressed takes despite all the above, times only, fortunately. My religion is very strong once secretly created a compensation from you, that I had once taken in hand, and this was only possible on the path of communication. I wanted there to prevent trouble in my actions. But still I believe my humor, who will not abandon me to dangerous places. The common goal of the work provides a salutary counterweight and much heavier.

It would be great if you could choose Christmas, that is to say, the day after the second day of Christmas, for your visit to Zurich. You must not under any circumstances believe that your coming inconvenience in any way my boss; it will be "busy" as always, and will demonstrate to you an unusual scientific interest, that amazes any profane by the greatness of his modesty and humility. My boss is the most notable example of a very successful secondary character, a "worthy problem of sweat noblemen (2) ».

Easter is unfortunately a bit far; this is in fact the only reason that I prefer Christmas.

In Zeitsclirift for Sexology (3), writing seems to be of great importance. If " 175 »(4) have the matter in hand, it does not guarantee its scientific. The me semble a priori suspect that you were not invited to collaborate. I still do not think that way is there to offer ideas. I believe that the path goes through flatter psychiatry. The progress of your case in Switzerland have taken this path, and given the limited time, the result is beautiful. I am also now known to exhibit the meaning of your teaching to society cantonal doctors. Currently the second doctor lunatic asylum Préfargier (5) is here to be initiated. Dr Jones was announced in London for the same purpose 20.XI. So it works as well as we could wish. If Germany wants to be left behind, others may well come to mind. By Binswanger their garlic-jun. writes that he will publish an analysis(6)made in the clinic of Jena with a preface by his uncle. This deserves a multiple question mark. But it would be very. What is certain now, is that the case did not fall asleep again. The worst, this is a cause to kill by silence. This stage should be overcome.

Get the best regards and many thanks for your entirely devoted


1. Non-conserved.

2. Citation de l'ode of Klopstock The Zürchersee [Le lac de Zurich) 1750.

3. Cf. 74 F n. 2.

4. Colloquialism referring to homosexuals : one effet, the § 175 du code pénal allemand en vigueur à l’époque punissait « les relations contre nature entre personnes du sexe masculin ».

5. A Marin, Canton of Neuchâtel. The doctor's name is unknown.

6. Experimental analysis of a hysteria [Essai d’analyse d’une hystérie]. Cf. 167 F, n. 2.

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