15-11-1907 Freud to Jung

52 F

15. XI. 07

Vienna (1) IX, Berggasse 19.

Dear friend and colleague,

It is always for me a very encouraging start to the day when the mail brings an invitation to the meeting of your association with my name; Unfortunately time does not then generally I reach participate through the fast train. News about your internal events are reassuring to hear; transfer from the religiosity would seem particularly fatal; it could indeed be terminated by resignation, because of the general tendency of men to take ever new copies of the pictures they carry with them. So I will do my best to become known as unfit to serve as an object of worship, and you probably think I'm already. In my last letter, I was irritated and I slept badly; soon after, I got myself together and I said something similar to me your letter offers, to know that we have good reason to be satisfied. In addition we do not make the mistake of judging only after fermentation bubbles rising in the literature. The most decisive transformations do not necessarily relate to a particular publication express. One day you realize they are performed.

Publication of Binswanger, from a fortress of orthodoxy, be noticed in Germany despite the text peacemaker uncle accompanying. With this young man you have in any case made a brilliant pass. Do you think it is strong enough and durable to found his side a focus of infection?

Yesterday I received a job Warda (2), shot volume tributes to Binswanger sen. He's goodwill, which he has already demonstrated in previous works, but it seems quite private talent; it is those who, alone, percent did not advanced one iota, and thus the work made an impression miserable.

Imagine that I have not received the Nacke reprinted from work (3), although I have requested in the correspondence, any more than that of Aschaffenburg (4), But who sent me the first attack of politeness. However, I would much inconsolable if I did not point your conference congress in Amsterdam.

There is some time, a Dr Kutner (5) Breslau, formerly assistant Wernicke, wrote me that he wanted to come to Vienna seeking his first teaching Psycha. I told him honestly that I could set to provide actually teaching a short visit, and how it is not, and he no longer has waved since.

I must admit that I do not currently working; no doubt it I continue to work without interruption. The test on Riklin stories should now be corrected through. The Materials did not really aimed at all. The Seller boring me to wait two new Jensen!

Rejoice from you soon Sincerely your dedicated

Dr Freud.

1. New stationery, letterhead printed : "Vienna".

2. Wolfgang Warda, founding member of the Berlin Psychoanalytic Association (1910); the Quitta in 1911. Son essai "The pathology and treatment of obsessional neurosis" [Pathology and treatment of obsessional neurosis] is in : Monthly journal of psychiatry and neurology, flight. XXII, 1907, supplement.

3. Cf. 49 J, n. 2.

4. Cf. 43 J, n. 1.

5. No doubt Robert Kutner (1867-1915), urologist, later in Berlin.

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