24-11-1907 Freud to Jung

53 F

24. XI. 07

Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19.

Dear friend and colleague,

I am writing today to something personal. These next few days will make you a Dr A —, lawyer, who wants to study national economy in Zurich, gifted man who has spent his entire life in very deep trouble, and was brilliantly presented through psychoanalytic treatment of one of my colleagues, Dr Spring (1). It will ask you for permission to attend meetings of your association, if possible in any way; because his interest was not extinguished with his recovery. He hopes that you will not designate anyone as old patient, welcomes and probably more generally to say a few words with you. His sister is being treated at home with access hysterical : simultaneous analysis of the brother-sister pair has delivered all sorts of valuable confirmations. A short path leads from there to the two preparatory degrees Materials you overdrafts. You're certainly right. I would not even decide with certainty whether this is really a sister died young, or if Jensen has never had a sister and raised a playmate at the forefront of sister always wanted. The best would be to question, but his latest information was so vague that I can not decide. The reading was very informative. All ingredients Materials are found in The Red Umbrella, l'ambiance de midi, flower graves, butterfly, be forgotten, Finally, even the ruin. Even the improbability factor, too great match reality with the fantasy object is identical, the clearing in the forest is the same as in his memory, although the location is another, and the new love has the same as the old red umbrella. Some features of the Materials, we learn from this that they are the new basics of something more significant. And the scourge of the flies Materials, is accidental and only developed in comparison, comes from the bumblebee Red umbrella, that, by molesting, as messenger of the gods saves the hero's death. This news is written in a way abominably hard, but its meaning is very good. The objects of the love of men form series, One is the return of the other (Master of Palmyra) 2, each and the revival of the infantile unconscious love, except that it must remain unconscious; when it is consciously awake, he holds prisoner libido, and the new one is not.

Should bring the first news about and : I lost, I can not forget and that is why I can not love in any other properly. The second -In the Gothic house - Simply expresses the idea : even if> she remained alive, I should lose, by marrying another (it can probably be the sister), and it is only the third, our Materials, completely overcomes pain, ensuring : I'll find, what in the old man can not be a presentiment of death and consolation in the Christian beyond, material presented in a quite contrary. In the two new, there is no trace of an indication of the "process" of Materials. In this, view casual relief must have caused a new awakening the memory of the dead. What do you think now of this bold construction : little sister was sick and always with the lame foot peak (3); later she died of tuberculosis. This element should be excluded by pathological fantasy, which enhances. But one day the grieving man's remarkable that, on the relief he met, that signs of illness as, foot peak, can be transformed into charm and advantage, and thus was completed the Materials, new triumph of fantasy that fulfills the wishes (4).

With cordial greetings,

Your Dr Freud.

1. Paul springs (1871-1950), specialist in internal medicine in Vienna, one of the first followers of psychoanalysis, 1904, and very close collaborator of Freud. Lived in New York from 1938.

2. Published in Drama 1889 d'Adolf von Wilbrandt (1837-1911),

3. Original : Equinus (talipes equinus), deformed foot wherein the plant is turned backwards and toes down.

4. Cf. the Afterword to the second edition of the study Materials, Freud takes these ideas and outlines.

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