30-11-1907 Jung to Freud

54 J

Burghölzli Zurich, 30, XI. 07.

Honored Professor!

Last Tuesday I had the association of doctors my presentation (1) almost half past one on your research, and he was received with great applause. Over a hundred doctors were present. Person, but two impor-tant neurologists, who straddled the workhorse of morality, has opposed.

Our meeting yesterday of the association was held Freudian pleasantly and with animation. Pr Bleuler opened the session with some burlesque and wanted to relate to those who criticize you. Von Monakow (2) was also pre-feels, and of course reported to the person in his, which greatly amused all insiders. We see what can make the suggestion mass - there were 25 people - Monakow has been little. This time the opposition has resulted in deadlock. Whether it is a good omen. Dr A - was also present. It operates a little neurosis.

The past five days I've had in my Dr Jones (3) Lon-don, a young man very talented and active; it was mainly to talk with me about your research. Because of its splendid isolation (4) London, it has not yet penetrated too deeply into your problems, but he is convinced of the necessity of your assertions theoretical. It will become a strong support of our cause; car, Also good qualities of mind, He has enthusiasm.

Dr Jones, supported by my friends Budapest, suggested the idea of ​​a congress supporters of Freud. This conference should be held in Innsbruck or Salzburg in spring, and be organized so that participants are not away from home more than three days, which should be able to do in Salzburg. Dr Jones believes that at least two people come from England; Switzerland it would at least some.

My presentation Amsterdam that, for reasons related to the complex, I always forgot to mention, must appear in the Monthly fiir Psychiatry and Neurology. I still have it on a little lime.

This week I'm going to Geneva; this is the second university where your ideas will not find rest.

Receive the most cordial greetings from your devoted entirely


1. "On the significance of Freud's theory of Neurology and Psychiatry» [On the importance of the teaching of Freud in neurology and Psychiatry], Correspondence Journal Swiss doctors, flight. XXXVIII, 1908, p. 218 sq. G.W., 18. Bleuler took part in the discussion of Jung, while Max Kesselring, cf. 293 F n. 7, Otto et Veraguth, cf. 115 J, n. 6, defended positions contrary.

2. Constantin von Monakow (1853-193the), Swiss neurologist from Russia, so renowned.

3. Jones recounts his visit to Zurich in Volume II, p. 41. He took part in the third meeting of the society Freud, the 29 November.

4. The expression (sous sa forme adjectivale « splendidly isolated ») was first applied to the position of the British Empire against Europe by the Canadian politician Sir George Foster, the 16 January 1896. The forms of "splendid isolation", the recovery 26 February 1896 par Lord Goschen, quickly became popular. Freud uses to describe his own situation (letter to Fliess 7 may 1900, in The Birth of Psychoanalysis).

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