08-12-1907 Freud to Jung

55 F

8 December. 07.

Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19.

Dear friend and colleague.

While the "complex" because of you - I'm not sure what -, I rejoice with you new really interesting, alongside which I can not place equivalent. Congress in Salzburg in spring 1908 ren-Drait me proud; I suppose, however, that you do not be inviting me, as annoying. Dr A-sent so far - even if it is not for me - an enthusiastic description and finely observed, I think he, how you appear to the association of Zurich. Your English is very friendly to me because of his nationality; I expect that the British abandon this cause more once they have recognized. I have less confidence in the French, but in fact they are in Geneva Switzerland. The test Claparède the definition of hysteria (1) leads to a very comprehensive judgment on the efforts so far; the idea of ​​a multi-storey building comes from Breuer (in the general section of Studies) (2); the building itself, however, should have another look, and in Claparède not plan on longer if he had questioned the patients instead of unnecessary authors. The work is, however, a progress; refutation of the "suggestion" was very necessary. After your visit we have learned, I hope, to take into account all sorts of things that still fails today.

In the table of contents of a new journal, Folia neurobiological (3), I found, my joy, a presentation : «Jung, Freud's theory of hysteria '. I opened to the appropriate page and I found reality - a line. After this traumatic printing, I excluded from the subscription to the new "central body".

I wait for next Sunday's visit of Abraham comes from Berlin.

The last week was spent preparing for me and writing a lecture I then made the 6 this month in a small room at the publisher Heller (4), to about ninety people. This took place without incident, which is enough; for many poets and their ladies ç'aura been a heavy meal. Overall it was just an appetizer, for an appetite. The New Observations ensured the conference state still fetal, she will probably be reproduced. It was still a foray into an area that we had so far barely scratched, on which we could establish conveniently. I notice that I forgot to tell you the title of the conference! It is therefore called : The poet and the production of fan tasmes 5, there was more a question of the production of fantasies that the poet; next time we will restore the balance.

Rejoice from you soon Sincerely your dedicated

Dr Freud

5. 'The poet and Fantasizing ". The review was not New Observations, but New Beuue, flight. The, No. 10, March 1908. Ed. franç. "The creative writing and dreaming", in Tests psychoanalysis appli-cated, Paris, 1971. Cf. Jones also, II, p. 365.

1. "A few words about the definition of hysteria", Archives of Psychology, flight. VII, 1908. See the "reporting" of Jung.

2. Studies on Hysteria, part. III, "Theoretical" (Theoretical observations] Josef Breuer.

3. Folia neurobiological, Leipzig, flight. The, No. 1, October 1907; contains only a brief mention of Jung's lecture in Amsterdam. Cf. 43 J, n. 1 and 82 F, n. 3. Jung's name is in the list of permanent employees of the new "international focal point for all of the biology of the nervous system" (subtitle). A true account of the conference appeared in Volume II, No. 1, October 1908, p. 140.

4. Hugo Heller (1870-1923), Seller Viennese, although profane, one of the first members of the company on Wednesday. His library was a cultural center of Vienna, and lots of arts events, literary and musical took place in the "living art Heller" - and the first production of Don Cossack Choir. Heller was also the edi-tor, inter alia, thereafter, of Image and International Zeitsch-rift. See also 58 F, n. 1.

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