21-12-1907 Freud to Jung


21. XII. 07

Vienna, IX., Berggasse 19.

Dear friend and colleague,

This time you have spoiled me. You do not really hold to provide energy. The time after Easter suits me very well, even better than the date of the meeting is closer to two days of Easter (1) themselves. If you choose rather Innsbruck Salzburg, the first of the two cities is undoubtedly the most beautiful and most comfortable, we should expect no trouble from me, because there is only 6 hour fast train to Salzburg. I am also ready to retire yet personally should you believe anyway, the best thing happen in my absence - for which there would be some good reasons. My presidency will certainly not. That's no good. Bleuler is or which must be at the head; differentiation, division of roles!

The company of the newspaper makes me actually even more fun, this is a vital issue for our trends.

Jensen I received the following response to my questions; it shows on the one hand as he is reluctant to support such research, But let the other sense that reports are more complicated than simple scheme can not represent. The question principale, whether the approach of the original image people had something pathological, he did not respond at all. I transcribe his letter, because it is barely legible without a magnifying glass : After an introduction, treatment that excuses "lapidary" of my questions, the dit :

"I do not. I have not had a sister, and even no parent inbred. It is nevertheless true that The Red Umbrella is woven of memories of my life, my first childhood love for a childhood friend who grew up in a certain intimacy with me and died of consumption at the age of eighteen; and - many years later - in the person of a girl with whom I had established friendly relations and was also removed by sudden death. The "red umbrella" comes from the latter. In the poem, I felt the two figures, to some extent, be merged into one ; the mystical element, which is mainly expressed in the poems, also has its origin in the second girl. The new Childhood dreams [Youthful dreams] my collection Aus make * (2) Time [-A quiet time], flight. II, based on the same basis, but is limited to the first. — In the Gothic house [In Gothic home] invention is a perfectly free ( !) »

Abraham stayed with us from Sunday to Wednesday. Nicer than you have described, but something inhibited, nothing involving. At large, it can not find the right word. He talked a lot about Bleuler, which apparently holds strong as a problem

I cordially greet you and wish you a Merry Christmas,

Your Dr Freud.

* Determination transparent slip.

1. 19-20 April.

2. Freud first wrote Schri, then crossed out the word; the pensait, probably the Journals in applied psychology [Written appli-cated psychology].

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