01-01-1908 Freud to Jung

58 F

1. The. 08.

Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19.

Dear friend and colleague,

I do not want to write long, not to force you to answer. Only a few points can be important in practice.

  1. A major publishing house in Vienna, Freytag-Tempsky (IV, Johann Strauss Gasse 6), made great efforts to "we" acquire, and will perhaps take the collection of Materials (1). It makes big promises. I put you aware of these provisions. This is not a purely Austrian house, but German (Leipzig).
  2. Dr A —, who visited me today, told me that the Dr Frank brags to you about a patient who, at the age of 47 years, was infected with gonorrhea, I then learned of the horrors, and since there is no cure. But I can not absolutely not I remember this incident patient characterized by the history; A-could not give me any other features. As it is quite possible that the patient or the doctor lied, I inquire from you whether you have heard more and if you can show me more that I recognize the woman in question. At this point I would certainly certainly not give the necessary clarification.

My wife was extremely pleased with New Year greetings that your wife sent him Schaffhausen 2, and asked me to thank the.

Toast Occupational 1908,

you scream your friendly


Dr Freud.

1. Hugo Heller was the editor of the first two installments of Journals in applied psychology ; Freud, however, was dissatisfied with his slow and went in search of another editor. By the third fasci-cle, Franz is Deuticke who edited the collection. See 68 F.

2. Place of origin Jung's wife and family it (Rauschenbach).

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