02-01-1908 Jung to Freud

59 J

Burghölzli Zurich, 2. The. 08.

Honored Professor!

Please accept my most cordial wishes for the new year! If the past year has brought many signs of the dawn, it is my sincere wish for the New Year that the new year brings even the best. I will not summarize how your planting are well. Hopefully we will see something appear in Salzburg. I'm going to go as soon as possible a circular set the number of participants and date of conference. Together, I write to you begging you to also submit my proposals for your company.

I read with disgust of two things : firstly : I hope to welcome you in Zurich between Christmas and New Year fell in the water. Secondly : my colleague description of Abraham is still proved too dark. I, for reasons psychoanalytic, inclined to scan first before my own door. But in this case, the "complex of self" in regard to my colleague has certainly played a role. It will probably come to you more openly. That is the difference resulting diversity of our ratings. It's a good thing that A[braham] has told you a lot about Bleuler, he caught what I do soon. Bleuler is really something unique Psycha. As far as A[braham] writes, it seems to be doing properly in Berlin, debuted at least are encouraging.

I had bad experiences with my French critics1. At first they were full of good resolutions, but when they saw how all that is great and difficult, they huddled. The only thing that we launched this year in French literature is an account that I made myself my Diagnostic Studies Association, Thehe flight., Binet2 demanded of me. Binet behind there is a Switzerland, M. Larguier of Bancels 3, philosophy lecturer at Lausanne, who is infected with Claparède. My tests galvanic techniques, which makes sense only through testing association, appear in the Official Medical Lombarda 4. The Journal of Psychology I also requested a presentation on psychoanalysis5. And the abundance of your findings is directed into a large number of channels.

It has so far spent nothing new in the organization of newspaper. Negotiations with America are still pending 6.

I read with interest the news about Jensen. Unfortunately, we can not do anything with simple events of past history, where lack confessions. It is unfortunate, but understandable, he does not understand the meaning of your investigations. There must be a general "spirit", foremost a certain youth mental.

I currently processing a new case of hysterical twilight states with serious. It works well. The person 26 years, student. This is a case of a rare beauty. I work almost exclusively with analyzes of dreams, other sources flow very parsimonious. In that event, Transfer dreams began extremely early, the most magnificently world, are much clarity somnambulistic. Of course, all consistent with your vision. The sexual history of youth is not yet clear, downstream as the thirteenth year reign darkness amnesiac, only dreams light by phosphorescence. Twilight states are similar to the case of my first publication (occult phenomena (7)); The patient plays with wonderful perfection and beauty absolutely shocking dramatic personality that dream as his ideal. I tried at the beginning of the analysis back to our current first assistant, Dr Maier, which failed, because the patient was already in me plays, although I do have him purposely never visited. During his twilight states, doctors and nurses gathered admiring. The second day of the analytical treatment, immediately before the onset of the main complex, there were still a twilight state two days. Then no, except once : the day she became aware of the transfer, she went with a friend and then produced a twilight state protection half past two, she was convicted the next day, which obviously she repented strong. This patient has a capacity of rare perfection to negotiate being and non-being of its symptoms. Currently, it awaits the visit of her beloved, and it suffers from belching (8). It takes all the time and see if the window is. At night she dreams that she will look to the window "protozoa", it brings to a person indistinct. Belching appeared for the first time after the sixteenth year, when she noticed that her mother wanted her to marry. She did not - disgust - fear of pregnancy - belching. It attend now to the window his beloved : is one attente » (9) the beloved (belching), it seeks to window protozoa, she immediately recognizes as belonging to the embryology. It teems with such things. Such cases always comfort me that your doctrines are not yet admitted. We are in possession of real property and enjoys.

The 16.i I do a lecture at the Aula (10), by which I hope to attract a large enough audience to your new research. Here are running about my new New Year.

Can I also ask you to express to Madame your wife and your entire family my best wishes for New Year?

Your ever devoted


1. Jung refers to the Geneva.

2. Alfred Binet (1857-1911), French experimental psychologist; He is the initiator, with the psychiatrist Theodore Simon, the "Binet-Simon test" to assess children's intelligence ( 1905). He founded and edited the first French journal of psychology, Year psychological, which appeared in the exposition of Jung, flight. XIV, 1908, p. 453-455; there is a summary in French of the first volume of essays Association studies. The title page called Jung the number of employees of record.

3. Jean Larguier of Bancels (1876-1961), Secretary Year psychological, later professor of psychiatry at Lausanne.

4. The exposed (if it has been written) has appeared in the Gazette or at the end of 1907 or 1908.

5. Cf. 99 F n. 3.

6. Jones (II, p. 47), reported that negotiations with Morton Prince failed; they had intended to merge with the new journal Journal of Abnormal Psychology edited by Prince. Cf. also 69 J, n. 1.

7. The tissue Jung PhD, To Psychology and pathology of so-called occult phenomena [Psychology and pathology of so-called occult phenomena], G.W., î,

8. Sometimes symptoms of pregnancy.

9. Phrase meaning "pregnant".

10. The conference was made to the City (Town hall) the city of Zurich, Cf. 82 F, n. 4.

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