08-01-1914 Freud to Jones



8 January 1914 Vienna

Dear Jones,

In exchange for your letter of Putnam, I will address one that seems pretty good. Agreed about Jung appears as a strong decision if you remember my words, « brutal, insincere, sometimes dishonest ". Even in theory, it makes more concessions than we had hoped, even if, of course, the repressed returns a "Back door" [through the back door]. Return the letter to the needs of the response. I deplore the loss of her child, but this is not the beloved, Griselda (1).

Loe progressing quite, if I'm not mistaken. You have received the circular Jung about Congress. I beg you not to answer before making contact with Berlin, BPEST and Vienna. We want to measure forces with Zurich and act in concert. Tell me what you propose to move our group. You hold it up to the decision of Congress, vote for Schandau and go there with the most members possible? Or suggest something which excludes Congress and is almost late to meetings ? Think ahead and give your answer to Rank or Sachs, who asked the same question Ferenczi and Abraham.

Thank you for the interesting passage Boas. I work at History of the movement ψα, I'm trying to make it as fun as possible and indiscreet.

Faithfully to you


1. See Putnam Jones, 16 December 1913, Putnam and Freud, 25 December 1913, in Hale (1971 a, p. 280-281,167-169).

2. As Freud (1914 d). German is written in Gothic characters.

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