09-01-1914 Jones to Freud

9 January 1914

69 Portland Court, London

Dear Professor Freud,

Abraham says that Jung was asked about the location of the next congress, I wonder if this is not the best time to suggest a dissolution of the association. The Berlin, Budapest and Vienna (London is not yet an official group, and we have not heard from Jung) combine in this application, Jung may be wary and keep Congress nilly, in the hope that we keep away. This would leave only master of the field, This should not happen if. Do not you think you could write him personally and offer, or a solution, whether, at least, an adjournment of the Congress this year, person who has authority or moral right a little bit similar to yours ? We could then refer the matter to a referendum in all groups, with individual vote, which would give us a good chance to win, because many undecided, comme Eder, vote in the sense of fear of repeating the painful farce of September.

Thank you very much for your encouraging letter which arrived this week. I work hard studying various issues in question, and I highly interesting materials. A case has made me realize more clearly than in the past significance of the castration complex in women, and its relation to the horror of blood and the humiliation of menstruation (Wake ideas childhood deprivation penis). It makes me think that the strange horror of menstruation as reflected in the folklore may be due, to a great extent, this complex in men; A typical example is the isolation of menstruating women who fear that their presence is a factor of impotence (symbolically, for example, not rotate milk, etc.).

I was chosen with McDougall, d’Oxford, to mediate a discussion on the Theory of Sexuality at a joint meeting of the British Psychological Society and the Psychiatric Section of the Royal Society of Medicine, the 10 March (1), as well as a discussion of ψα to the British Medical Association, the 30 July (2).

My clients spend all my expectations. I was eight patients per day, and I had to go to another this week Eder. Both pay 50 Kr. each, other 25 Kr. If things continue at this rate, and there is no reason why this is not the case, I can get married, which, I hope, will be my next step in life.

No doubt you received this week my two shipments ; the unfortunate Putnam, I am sorry for him.

About Loe, I guess the battle will be fought on the issue of morphine, because she chose this field : if it does not reserve morphine, she feels that its vessels are burned. I hope to have better news in your next letter ; she did not write from my visit to Vienna.

Have you decided to put your name to Moses ? Definitely !



1. See letter 180, note 2.

2. Jones (1914 i).

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