15-01-1914 Lou to Freud

Göttingen, 15. The. 1914

Dear Professor,

Is it possible that I could take cognizance of the letter Bjerre, which you spoke (must in all cases be held in generalities). I would refer you naturally soon. If you think this request intrusive, I apologize and considered null and void. I would still like to know where to place Bjerre, in particular with respect to Zurich. We do not fit 26.

All these things, which are the subject of your current work, are particularly present in my mind and occupy more than one. This year will undoubtedly bring clarity and a fresh and joyous war!

With my most affectionate.

Your Lou Andreas.

[Fine print]

Sigmund Freud à Lou Andreas-Salomé (probably with the letter Bjerre) immediately after the 15 January 1915.

Lou Andreas-Salomé à Sigmund Freud (probably by returning the letter Bjerre) requesting a test Contribution to the history of the psychoanalytic movement with opinions about, this work in June 1914.

26. Since August 1912 about ; a final discussion was held in April : cf. note 11 may 1913 in the Journal.

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