19-01-1914 Jones to Freud

19 January 1914

69 Portland Court, London

Dear Professor Freud,

I note therefore that we should vote for Dresden if we are given the opportunity. Our group can not be legally integrated into the Vereinigung before Congress does not accept, I guess, for the time being, we have not the right to vote, but I ask Eder, Secretary, who knows better than me with Jung, to write to this. But I guess the vote will be "crossed", and thus will not represent the relative strength of the two parties.

My attitude, on both occasions, I do not think so incoherent that, obviously, it seemed you. Both times, I wish dissolution, if you can get safely, but I see a big difference between a minority group trying to impose a time when nothing happens, and exploring possibilities when the other side asks Congress. Rest your remarks on reviews made me a strong impression, because it would force a decision inevitably more than any suggestion at the present time.

What you say about the state of Loe saddens me, but I guess it is partly due to his state of mind while she waits Herbert Jones. I look forward to what comes out of his visit, if they come to London, etc., I count on you to inform me, since I do not write for the moment.

As for the very vague about my own wedding, I definitely follow your advice, taking the time to think and choose calmly, advice that I feel at once wise and necessary. The idea, of course, came to me several times recently, which is natural in the circumstances (installation, etc.), but I understand that I should become more «Ready» [accomplished] in the analysis of my own mental processes before I venture to link my fate to someone else.

You ask me about Moses. One of the reasons why I hope you will sign, is that, that you do or not, authorship of the text emerge quite clearly the style and content, and if you do not, the Zurich will surely wonder what it all means, etc.

I have a strange case today, close enough to the case of hysterical paranoia Bjerre1. An old daughter 45 years believes the vicar of the parish and her sister make inappropriate comments to the pleasure of seeing her blush, at the instigation of his mother, he hinted to her of the pulpit, and another man does not want to meet her because he thinks she is in love with him ; a brother suffering from paraphrenia. All this is very similar to the paranoia, with sharp projections, but, after months of analysis, I'm sure this is just hysterical. It reacts to the analysis as a hysterical ordinary (report, no abnormal male intuition, etc.) and has been some progress.

Something unpleasant is happening here. Haberdasher, psychiatrist deemed, sent to British Medical Journal, a letter vulgar and offensive, to protest against the "phallic worship" and "pornography" of "Freudianism"2. Unfortunately, this is unwelcome opponent, because he has nothing else to do (being retired) that conduct polemics, and he has such a complex Dispute [complex quarrelsome] or such Querulous delusion [mania deplore] it usually ends up exhausting his opponents who have less time, and again it is unscrupulous and dishonest, it distorts the words and phrases to make puns, not caring in the least to discover the truth; it also has a good pen uncommon and no lack of spirit, all things that allow always "put the nail" his opponents, especially when it can excite prejudice in his favor.

I went to see Eder, who had already written a letter implausible (ψα was the largest Mount Pisgah3 centuries, etc.) who had moved to this area and would excites the polemical verve Mercier. We talked about this and decided to wait a week, to see if someone else wrote, in one camp or the other, and otherwise, let this story fade into oblivion it deserves. We will certainly soon new opportunities controversy, and probably more favorable, or at least less degrading. Yet if someone else takes up the challenge of Mercier, or take a written defense, we must intervene. What do you think of all this ?

I worked tirelessly and I translated nearly half of the texts Ferenczi4.

Abraham attend ma contribution to Yearbook the end of February, but I do not think it is possible5.

Faithfully to you


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