07-01-1914 Abraham to Freud

* Berlin W, Rankestrasse 24


Dear Professor,

Negotiations with the rapporteurs for the Yearbook worked well. I spend every free minute working on the drive to see.

What you told me about the genesis of masochism put me in recent days on a track that seems promising. It is the analysis of exhibitionism (as for-version, and not the general inclinations exhibitionists neurotics). Links with castration anxiety seem quite obvious. Exhibitionism, it would show the body part for which we feel the anguish, for different reasons, but mostly converge :

  1. Compulsion of anxiety with emphasis; we bare with anxiety (because of the threat of castration), listening and (as the masochist) the desire and the unconscious impulse to be castrated.
  2. We watch with challenge : despite the threat, I still have my penis!
  3. Desire to impose on the woman, or scare. Attempt to encourage the kind, women to do the same, debased sexual activity (castration anxiety) allowing no other process. (In most cases, there at the same time helplessness.) According to my analysis, the origin of the exhibition back with certainty to the mother. Attempt to compete with the father.

It's late, I also apologize for the poor presentation.

My wife cordially thank your daughter Anna's letter. For the rest, receive our greetings from family to family and best wishes for 1914.

As always, your

Karl Abraham.

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