07-01-1914 Lou to Freud

Göttingen 7.1.1914

Dear Professor, This is all my heart that I answer your affectionate greetings. I wish you all kinds of happiness for you and yours. For me just take a year where what is best is so closely tied to your person that I can never remember without me repeat myself "Thank! ».

Enclosed you will find a relatively young person 23, about which I had written in November of Berlin that I did more with it as very distant relationship. But since you insist, I send - not without mixed feelings. But also with the warmest memories of your

Lou Andréas.

23. Lou A.-S. itself, as an old picture at least a dozen years and has been made in Berlin, before immigration in Göttingen 1903. Perhaps it is the photo that Rilke said the 18 January 1904: “This portrait is very similar with regard to many of your hours but not for thee whole ; I would : shortly before the hours not good, you could look like this. I guess you have already changed since.”

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