15-01-1914 Abraham to Freud

Berlin W, Rankestrasse 24


Dear Professor,

In answer to your questions :

  1. Eitingon (from what he told me himself) was in Vienna for the first time in late January 1907.
  2. The’ "Freudian Association" must have held its first meeting in mid-year 1907. Myself, I made a presentation during one of the first meetings (on sexual trauma) which was published in November 1907; I had to decide by the end of summer.

3. It is difficult to answer the third question. When I arrived at Burghölzli in December 1904, it was already interested in psychoanalysis. This interest grew rapidly during the period following. For the period prior, Here what is safe :

  1. "The occult phenomena" (1902) de Jung, in which your interpretation of dreams is cited (p. 102).
  2. The analysis of Jung attempted on patient B. St., published in the appendix to the "psychology of dementia praecox".
  3. Several studies conducted by the Association had already been published.
  4. Hysteria was analyzed by Jung (in 1904, certainly).

I guess a very strong interest in psychoanalysis was born probably in 19o3, but perhaps only 1904.

I address my cordial greetings haste. Yours


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