15-01-1914 Ferenczi to Freud

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INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PSYCHOANALYSIS Edited by Professor Dr Sigm. Freud editors : Dr. S. Ferenczi, Budapest, VII. Elisabethring 54/ Dr. Otto Rank, Vienna IX / 4, Simondenkgasse 8 Verlag Hugo Heller & C °, Vienna, The. Farmers Market N ° 3 Subscription Price: year-round (6 Notebooks, 36-40 Bow) K 21.60 = Mk. 18.

Budapest, the 15 January 1914

Dear Professor,

I'm afraid not to be presentable for a visit on Sunday and not being able to enjoy your Sunday table, Saturday and Sunday because I will still have to undergo (in two steps) small interventions on my olfactory organ well abused. But I may be sufficiently recovered Sunday evening to chat with you a few hours. I think I will not undertake my return trip on Monday afternoon - a man quite well with, I hope.

My consulting work well. I am employed full-time. I just started (there three days) Analysis of a typical masochistic, a man of value, very intelligent (prosecutor), who came to me indirectly on your board. A lady (a young widow) who loves him and he would really love too, went one day you advice and you led me on the patient. (The lady was not aware that impotence, not masochism.)

It's funny how differently we hear the history of the disease and patients according to the complaint that was, or, informed in advance of the context. This is for us patient complaints as material dreams : you never know at first if they are to be taken in the positive or negative direction. Yet, it happens all too often tell patients that the opposite of what is true in the unconscious rather than part of the actual perception of themselves. If you know the structure of a neurosis, is separated from the first interview the chaff (perception of self-) from the chaff (reaction formation). If you are not yet educated, we tend not to believe the patient at all.

The masochistic patient begins his story with the fact that deep down he was never in love with women with whom he was engaged in masochistic manipulations. For example, the woman with whom he has now been more than ten years a relationship of this kind, it (sentimentally) quite foreign. It performs the act masochist (nates at oscula) * * as a duty officer, once a week " (ipsissima verba) **, and then a cumshot. But if a woman really loves, he can not even imagine the masochistic act with her - by cons, there is, en face d'elles (of these women), completely inhibited for intromission and ejaculation (not entirely for the erection). This is a striking confirmation of your theory of masochism, that the masochist is subject, precisely, the unloved person (to repel the threat of castration that it came from such a person). - You told me, at the time that, your experience, the masochistic homosexual was once threatened by the father, the masochist by heterosexual mothers But we can also imagine a case (Perhaps it is there a) where masochistic tendencies develop in respect of a certain type and powerlessness in relation to the other type of the same sex (when, for example, the boy met a friendly welcome with a wife and a cruel threat from another, it could, later, become impotent with women loving people, but develop against women like severe stress masochist).

The second dream of my patient brought an even stronger confirmation of your hypothesis (It goes without saying that I still give him absolutely no explanation, but I let him talk uninterrupted). He dreamed he was gone, recovered, the cure with me and my assistant and I had said that his case was unique; it was the first case was recognized as masochism (?). He does not remember the word in place of the question mark, there are two expressions which he does not remember. The first idea is : obligatio faciendi ***, second, easement!!. **** 2. Therefore, two legal terms, whose second, particularly, which means both serfdom, submission, has hitherto been characteristic of masochism in this sense; but will, from now, also be interpreted in the sense of Roman law, namely as the duty to support the intervention of a third person on my property.

Goodbye and see you soon your Ferenczi

Article Polish is still not quite kosher for the Jahrbuch, too long for the Zeitschrift, very suitable for Imago.

* Latin in the text : kisses on the buttocks.

** Latin in the text : in his own words.

*** Latin in the text : required to perform.

**** Latin in the text : serfdom, slavery.

  1. In his lecture on "Case Foot Fetish", the 11 III 1914, the Viennese Association, Freud proposed a formulation reverse : "Someone who was bullied by a man early, will tend to be a masochist to women, and vice versa ", Minutes, IV, p. 280.
  2. Obligatio ad faciendum : "An obligation which is to, to act, and not omit something ; whoever does not fulfill this duty commits an offense punishable by law ". Easements : "Restriction of property rights by right of enjoyment of others in the form of easements (for example, right of way, grazing rights, usufruct). »Karl Luggauer, Lawyers Latin (Latin legal), 2and eds., Klagenfurt, 1970.

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