08-02-1914 Freud to Jones

8 February 1914 Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19

My dear Jones,

I understand that you complain of not receiving letters from me. The truth is that I'm writing and working every hour of freedom to the article on the ψα movement to appear in the Yearbook. I've made good progress. I settled his account in the first swindler today, and hopes to finish with the other Sunday. So far, I filled 60 large pages (1).

The strike is over, you will soon see that presses running again. Our interest to leave our critical number.

In the case of Moses, I become negative, the last artist I consulted showed me how artists proceed in the matter and made me fear an overly trench. The meaning is not of great importance to these gentlemen, they only care line, of form, matching contours. They give the Lustprinzip. I prefer caution.

News Loe. She became more reasonable and accessible to ψα since the arrival of Davy(2). Their marriage can be arranged. Together, the problem is solved. Kaufmann found a good deal of pus in his urine and was diagnosed pyelitis of the left side. She has fever. His case is mixed ; comforted by the concession of organic disease, she no longer denies the hys-theria additional. As she going through a bad patch, it is not progressing in the renunciation of morphine. She will spend two weeks in Paris with him to find his brother in Chicago. The treatment of kidney begin to return, if possible. On the nervous, this is a very nice case, everything is explained by his relationship with his mother.

I have a little progress on the issue of sado-masochism and the castration complex, I want a key point in the mechanism of the neuroses. The choice of subject sex. may be influenced by sex of parent forbidding, opposite thereto ; and therefore, early sexual inhibition may even have a big part in determining the homosex (3). I beg you to keep these things for you, and your own work.

This. censeo (4): Be careful with women and do not waste this life time.

Hamill (Chicago) has announced the 12 March. I received a letter from Bryan a case of horse masochist, with good marks. I advised him to keep the treatment, although treatment options are thin. Now again I deserve your good news

You faithfully Freud

1. Freud (1914 d) ; the sharks in question are Adler and Jung.

2. Herbert Jones.

3. This echoes the analysis of "The Wolf Man" (Freud, 1918 b, p. 109-110, 111- 112), Freud would have started writing in October 1914; see Jones (1955 a, p. 277; 1955 b, p. 312).

4. "For the rest, I think… »

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