15-02-1914 Jones to Freud

15 February 1914

69 Portland Court, London

Dear Professor Freud,

You should have received my long letter, with attachments, just after sending yours. You are exceedingly good to me if constantly, but I would not waste your time or overwhelm you so undue burdens, and I want you to feel as free as you please in this regard. Especially it is necessary during concentration on important work, and I'm glad to hear that you attach so much interest in the article Yearbook, to be his-toric and landmark, and enter at this point in detail1.

I'm sorry to hear that again found pus in the urine Loe, like the good old days. We always thought a pyelitis of the left side, but the last operation showed nothing visible to the naked eye in the renal pelvis (which has been thoroughly examined), and we hoped that it was therefore Benin, in any case it did not explain a small part of the pain. I wonder if it will jump from Paris to London ? Herbert will he consult the lawyer about the fiction of marriage2, or is this an absurdity swept? I'd like her wedding plans, etc., when they are finalized, which, j’imagine, is not yet the case.

I want to know the reason why you give me this personal advice about women at this time ? I will not say that it was useless, for I see the dangers of complacency in my area, but, sincerely, I think I have become a very different man during the last two years - at least in terms of the practical question of mastery and self-knowledge. I stay in touch with Ferenczi about my analysis, and I was able to bring her good news every time.

We had a meeting on Thursday, where Bryan presented the case on which he had sent you some notes ; it provoked a good discussion. Forsyth and his men are promising. Hart was also present, but hardly participated. Constance Long was there, return five weeks of "analysis" with Jung; she said there have been a lot of fun (Have fun a true analysis, this is a shame !). The case, you remember, was that of a man who managed all, but who had a sexual fixation on masochistic fantasies which left him no desire to have sex with women. We learned that the true explanation was that he hid in his "job" - have a house of his own instead of pantoufler, and he hid feigning helplessness, was purely symbolic and had a secondary meaning ! ! She has been foolish from start to finish and so Jung repeated like a parrot that can do good in the eyes of discrediting undecided as Eder and Hart.

Sachs was excited by a passage of H. G. Wells, I enclose, and contain most of your theory of taboo. I know that Wells got there three years ago, bringing together the writings of Darwin, Frazer, Robertson Smith, and other, but it does not measure the extent of its accidental discovery. It is never further evidence of the inevitability of your theory.

The British Medical Journal this week contained no more letters on the PsA, but an account of the new review of Jelliffe, in which they welcomed the conversion of Jung as a "return to a more healthy life3 ». Our opponents are on his relapse diagnosis more accurate than himself and his followers. The passage, Did you read the note in penetrating Stekel Zentralblatt [d’octobre4] December? "It is as fine as spiteful revenge, the young to the [Wiener] School takes, he Sadger as the sole representative “train[in]bre-responding Viennese School” parading in the yearbook can (5). "But he is too polite when he adds," Are gehört dies in das der Kapitel “aconscious malice”6."I was very upset by the report that Stekel has made some of my articles7. It has changed each citation, to the point of making absurd or outrageous ; and "a possible cause" it becomes "the main cause", etc. In a report, he quotes a paragraph full of ten lines, reportedly taken from my article, but I've never written or seen anywhere. I thought he write an open letter of protest, but I abandoned the project (it cost me a lot), pen-ing that it is better to ignore the issue. I guess it would also be your attitude ?

Side work, the situation is excellent. One of my patients has gone, his case does not lend, another because she had finished, but I still have six hours per day, with materials exceedingly interesting. I feel much more confident and able to work than ever before, I believe and succeed. A case of manic-depressive typical projects more light on this state. Everything happens, in my eyes, as if there was no such disease, certain cases involving psychoneurosis, others paraphrenia (particularly, of paranoia), the primacy of affective symptoms replacing other distortion mechanisms (as sometimes happens in dreams). But I'll get longer again.

Sincere friendships

Faithfully to you


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