01-02-1914 Freud to Ferenczi

452 F

Prof.. Dr. Freud

1he February 1914 Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19

Cher Ami,

The only good news : strike 1 ended, you can go. If anything, except that I write, I always write 2, and I do not have time for this.

This morning, Magnus Hirschfeld was there, and at noon we expect van Eeden (3) who gave a lecture here with Heller and Rank.

Your bragging about your health and your second edition touch me so nice.

Cordially, with apologies for brevity

your Freud

  1. See 447 F, note 3.
  2. Probably "Contribution to the history of the psychoanalytic movement" (1914d), in Five Lectures on Psychoanalysis.
  3. Frederik Willem van Eeden (1860-1932), an old friend of Freud; Dutch neurologist, poet and social reformer ; founder of the socialist-communist colony Walden Bussum (1898). According to Jones (II, p. 391), Freud himself had vainly tried to win psychoanalysis (see also Minutes, II, p. 410, meeting 8 II 1910).

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