09-02-1914 Ferenczi to Freud

453 Iron

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PSYCHOANALYSIS Edited by Professor Dr Sigm. Freud editors : Dr. S. Ferenczi, Budapest, VII. Elisabethring 54/ Dr. Otto Rank, Vienna IX / 4, Simondenkgasse 8 Verlag Hugo Heller & C °, Vienna, The. Farmers Market N ° 3 Subscription Price: year-round (6 Notebooks, 36-40 Bow) K 21.60 = Mk. 18.

Budapest, the 9 February 1914

Dear Professor,

Despite your incentive to return to work now peaceful, I could not help but respond as it should in this article Jung, an insolence and a claim unsurpassed (See Archives of Psych.[ologie]). I sent the critical Rank, pour la magazinethe.

After years of honeymoon which psychoanalysis has enjoyed in Budapest, it now appears that the resistance becomes more serious. This is the output of Apathy that prompted the League of Social Sciences to return to the idea floated last year, but refused by me at this time : give voice to the supporters and opponents of a public discussion Psycha. I still owe them the answer; I had decided to refuse new, and I'd still, if the arguments of my friend I had not Ignotus somewhat shaken. I.[gnotus] believes that we should not reject the offer abruptly Society of Social Sciences (the only circle which we can expect some support and, in case of brutal attacks, we defend). If I refuse, I think it scrolls, which could affect more the reputation of psychoanalysis, already bad also, etc…

Finally, I relented to the point of being ready to start the discussion, the following conditions :

I can not, a priori, recognize any of those interested more or less in psychoanalysis as followers of Freudian psychoanalysis, fault of their views on matters of detail of the questions that interest us. I consider myself today (until further notice) as the only, here, who understand and practice psychoanalysis in your direction. One, therefore, we want to discuss on Freudian psychoanalysis, that gives me the right to respond immediately to each intervention.

Without pretending to think that this discussion has merit (a) to serve something or even to persuade or would undermine- this one between, I do wish, however, not excluded that I can take opponents by the horns and semi-opponents, psychoanalysts wild and tame (a new category) and I am able to demonstrate coram publicum (b) nature of fools and their ignorance, which, ultimately, after so many years of silence, would do me good, me too,

But I expect, to meet, you tell me what you think about this project. I do not want to be dragged into mindless action.

What you wrote again on the "déjà vu" *** 2 ? I am very curious to hear.

I look forward to the correction of Moïse and I hope my friend will prove Berény best designer that protected Heller (3).

*** In French in the text.

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  3. On Berény, see 238 Iron and notes 3 ; it is an illustration of the preliminary stages of the interpretation proposed by Freud's Moses statue (Freud, 19146), tests in applied psychoanalysis, 1952, pp. 37-42.

(a) Latin in the text : about.

(b) Latin in the text : publicly.

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