11-02-1914 Abraham to Freud

* Berlin W, Rankestrasse 24 11.2.14.

Dear Professor,

Everything seems to be going well for the Jahrbuch; I hope that the writers quickly deliver their work. The report has already reached Sadger. I myself am still in the "drive to see", I hope to have finished in a week or two; I then put my account.

We had, there a few weeks, very satisfactory meeting of our group, which included 4 Jung reports on the case. There reigns the most comprehensive agreement.

Today, in this dark time, a ray of light. Renterghemthe sent me a newspaper which is a detailed account of the rectorial speech Jelgersma, psychiatrist Leiden, which focused on the unconscious 2. As you may- be unaware, I'll talk briefly : J.

(N.B. : the most prominent psychiatrists Dutch) accept in their entirety the dream theory and the theory of neurosis, it considers major acquisitions, it also takes fully advantage of the sexuality, and speaks to finish strong impression made on him the rediscovery of the Oedipus complex. A very thorough, one somme, approval and without restrictions or clauses. I just sent Ferenczi a short extract from the minutes of Holland, and I asked him to ask Jelgersma allow the translation of his speech to the Zeitschrift.

It remains for me to greet you cordially hastily, of famile to family.

Abraham your.

1. Dr A. In. Van Renterghem, neurologist and psychiatrist in Amsterdam,

2. G. Jelgersma, professor of psychiatry at the University of Leiden, auteur de unconscious mental life [Unconscious mental life], 1914.

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