11-02-1914 Freud to Ferenczi

454 F

Prof.. Dr. Freud

Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19

the 11 February 1914

Cher Ami,

Here, I had dinner and I learned writing by Rank that you had written criticizing the latest manifestation of Jung. Your causticity made me very happy. Our number is critical and rich content, unfortunately, printing has not started.

I can only, for you and for Hungary, public discussion of your project. Your temperament and your repartee guarantee perfectly the outcome. The public interest in the psychoanalytic declines probably also in Russia, Poland, etc., where it was not properly

established during the first period of invasion. It's not like Germany and America.

I would be delighted if you could bring your friend to try out for the two drawings of Moses. Those of Miss Wolf (1) unsatisfactory. The engraver Max Pollak, who "chisel engraved" my portrait Heller (2), has now promised to provide these drawings also. But that should not hold you back. My hesitations are not overcome and I certainly shall prevent the publication if the designer can not compete effectively, this is- ie, first, convince me.

I write, with great zeal, "History of the psychoanalytic movement." I hope to have worked quite well on Sunday Jung, and thus closed the chapter. Two- I send the manuscript first? He would then return it to me with your comments, so he can go, via Vienna, par Hitschmann, by Abraham.

Health and consultations going well at the moment. At home, almost everything is in order about. At the end of the month, when the work will be started, you should again visit us here. Loe is much wiser, moreover, she has left pyelitis (3) confirmed, and its share of real pain; a CAS mixte, it is always unpleasant. The presence of the new Jones (4), she must marry in May, him good.

Sincerely, Madame G. also,

your Freud

(1) Unidentified.

(2) Max Pollak (1886-?), famous painter, and especially designer, Vienna. Burning water- strong he did Freud (reproduced in Sigmund Freud, places, faces, objects, ed. directed by Ernst Freud, Lucie Freud et lise Grubrich-Simitis, 1979, p. 202) Karl Kraus was described by the following : "Max Pollak portrayed the researcher, seated at his desk, in his study. The foreground is strangely populated by ancient and archaic figurines arranged on his desk. Before the chiaroscuro of cabinet work stands out head deeply spiritual scientist, with this thoughtful look, some extent inturned, that characterizes the creative intellectual work concentrated ", The torch, 28 III 1914, # 395. p, 57.

(3) Inflammation of the left renal pelvis.

(4) Loe Kann qui, since November of the previous year, was again in analysis with Freud (Bromine, Jones, p. 104), Herbert Jones et (see 392 F, note 1) were invited to the meeting on Wednesday of 22 IV 1914 (Minutes, IV, p. 292) that Freud did not attend, due to illness (see 470 F). Freud went to Budapest, early June, for their wedding (see 476 F).

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