15-02-1914 Freud to Abraham

* Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19


Cher ami,

It seems that the case is a great thing Jelgersma. I had already received, by Renterghem, before your letter, brochures and a copy of the newspaper. I received the following day a letter from him, which confirms everything that you tell, and is very friendly. Here is a psychiatrist who swallows Official psychoanalysis Ugly! What do not we see!

I will send you a letter as soon as Ferenczi has sent me and it has been read Wednesday. Heller intends to write and push for a German edition. The text would not be appropriate at all for the Zeitschrift, since it does not, I believe, an inch beyond the’ Interpretation of Dreams. I just finished, there was one hour, the manuscript of "Contributions to the history of the Psychoanalytic Movement". They are en route to Budapest and they will succeed since there, as a first contribution to the Jahrbuch from me. The work was difficult. I have nothing else to tell you that the well-known words : Courage Casimiro! If you will send me your comments and corrections, I promise you will be very grateful. Ferenczi do the same.

Our plans for this summer are at zero. We are no longer a family, more than three old people. Even my young child wants to go this year alone in England, your wife remembers certainly. We still do not know what a revolution the newcomer is expected to bring Hamburg 1.

With cordial greetings to you and yours, Your faithful


1. Freud's daughter, Sophie, expecting a baby.

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