15-02-1914 Freud to Ferenczi

456 F

Prof.. Dr. Freud

the 15 February 1914 Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19

Cher Ami,

Today, two new. Start with the least important. I finished "History ψα movement" and I am ready to send as soon as you will express the wish. You will have the goodness to send the packet to Abraham, safely, because I can not rewrite it - and send me your criticisms separately, reservations and proposals on the form and substance, so that I can use for correction. It was hard work, you know the first part.

Secondly : Send a sudden Jelgersma article rectorial speech for 339and Birthday * the famous Leiden University, called ontgeweten (Ics) Spiritual Life **. I try to understand, I see he is talking about The Interpretation of Dreams - And he is benevolent. The next, a newspaper Renterghem 2, with a long excerpt of this article; and then a letter confirming that Abraham J.[Elgersma] expressed, without the slightest reluctance, for us and ψα, and he dreams of making translations, etc. Finally a letter from the author himself that I join (for the shortest time possible) and confirms the real miracle. Think so, Official psychiatrist, discours rectoral, ψα from head to toe! What surprises await us!

Heller wants to write him and let him publish a German edition of Pet[its] Written. Friday 20 This month will be, home, an evening formal Moses (3), during which will decide the fate of this risky business (Heller, Rank, Sachs and the artist who gave me very good drawings). Too bad you're in Budapest.

At the moment your telegram reached me with the request of the manuscript. So I will send tomorrow. Letter Jelgersma, I read Wednesday at the Association. Work on the seen ***, you requested, is only a small trifle. Do you want to do something this year for Easter (12 April)? Maybe back to Arbe, that must be a very beautiful season more advanced? If all goes well in Hamburg, my-mars4 deadline, I am ready. Would you take that small 5? It's fun, you know also from Pordoijoch. In this very moment, it is a little feverish for weeks, for no apparent reason, does not feel good and gives me worries 6. Sincerely

your Freud

* Dutch in the text : birthday.

** Dutch in the text : unconscious mental life, in terminology still provisional.

*** In French in the text.

  1. Gerbrandus Jelgersma (1859-1942). Professor of psychiatry (1899-1930) at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands - the clinic of the city bears his name -, had held, the 9 February 1914, for 339and anniversary of the founding of the University, rectorial a speech on "The unconscious mental life" (this text was published in 1914, Supplement as the Zeitschrift). In 1920, Jelgersma founded the Association for Psychoanalysis and psychopathology Leiden, who maintained good relations with the Dutch Psychoanalytic Association.
  2. Albert William of Renterghem (1845-1939). Neurologist and psychiatrist, an early supporter of Freud Netherlands. Director of the Institute of Psychotherapy Amsterdam. Freud mentions Jelgersma and Renterghem in "Contribution to the history of the psychoanalytic movement" (1914d, p. 104, and notes 1).
  3. Freud wanted to hear the point of view of an artist on his interpretation (Jones, II, p. 389). See 459 F.
  4. The impending birth of Wolfgang Ernst (11 March 1914), son of Sophie and Max Halberstadt first grandchild and son of Freud (see 463 F and notes 1).
  5. Anna.
  6. Shortly before the beginning of the trip Brioni (9-13 April 1914), it turned out that Anna had pertussis. A sa place, Rank is who participated in the trip (see 468 F).

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