18-02-1914 Ferenczi to Freud

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Budapest, the 18 February 1914

Dear Professor,

Jelgersma delivery and letter were major events. I did not know that Heller wanted to acquire this item, It is for this reason that I immediately wrote Jelgersma, the suggestion of Abraham, asking him to send it to us for the Zeitschrift. This does not preclude Heller also publish, drawn in to share. Attached is a letter typically "Zurich" of Ophuijsen1 on the same theme. He thinks that "Jelgersma is too well adapted" and wants to "eliminate youth". Seen ; implementation of a systematic absolute ego psychology (denies the role of libido) inevitably leads to a kind of delirium of persecution. The Christian religion, always fearing the vengeance of the father killed, could be the cause of this psychosis, apparently epidemic among analysts Swiss.

If you agree, I refer to his account Ophuijsen. I find partisan and malicious. Fear of new competition may also play. The sincere and clear with which J.[Elgersma] talking about sexuality, and even incest, I really like; I see good beginnings to its future.

I join gladly travel to Easter. Sure, Annerl us Emme-Neros *. I hope she's already quite well and that we can once again visit our Italian friend at the end of the island (one we prepared this good coffee).

And Hongrie, we talk again many of us. The press people praise my series of articles and poisons that competitors. I want to leave the debate to organize (probably in March).

Last night, I read your manuscript to Mrs G. The first and the third part we liked a lot. The middle (presentation, a bit too long, Congress) could be shortened. I am delighted with the entire agreement of our views on Jung and Adler. I propose small changes in the accompanying notes. The comparison between the total reflection 2 harmonics and cultural (3) is beautiful.

Greetings from your

Ferenczi and Mrs. G.


P.-S. Not to delay the dispatch of the letter, I send notes afterwards I still have to put net.

Here, I had an interview with criminologist, Dr. Rustem Vámbéry (son died from the Orientalist). He asked me to write an article for his paper on the applicability criminalo-psychological psychoanalysis 4.

(4) The article Ferenczi (1914, 148a) "Psychoanalysis of Crime", Psychoanalysis, The pp 163- 164, grated dans Szabad Gondolat, No. 1, 1914

*Diminutif d'Anna.

  1. Not found.
  2. "And yet, everyday experience of the patients showed the possibility of total loss of analytical knowledge, under the influence of a rather strong resistance from a deeper layer ", "Contribution to the history of the psychoanalytic movement" (Freud, 1914d), Five Lectures on Psychoanalysis, pp. 69-149, citation p. 125.
  3. Sur Jung : "In reality, we have seen the symphony become universal, the part sung by civilizations, but remained deaf to the melody of the instincts, despite its original intensity ", "Contribution to the history of the psychoanalytic movement", ibid.., p. 144.
  4. Rustem Vámbéry (1872-1948). Lawyer, radical trend. Member (1918) State Council Mihaly Karolyi under. In 1938, emigrated to London, and the United States, where he was ambassador to Hungary 1947 at 1948. He was the son of the orientalist Ármin Vámbéry (Hermann Vamberger) (1832-1913).

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