25-02-1914 Freud to Jones

25 February 1914

Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19

Dear Jones,

Attached is the famous letter Jelgersma. I beg you to forward it to Abraham.

Also another letter from Putnam. Perhaps you have tooth too hard on him. He was sixty years, natural and the door to doubt, which does not prevent show courage. The key seems to be that the authority of Jung is well underway in his eyes. Still, it seems a little silly to pretend that Guideline [guideline] Adler is nothing other than our "fantasy" and to continue to advocate. I understand that you lose patience,.

I myself have not received the trials of Magazine. Already Image is slowing. I do not excepting [accept] your generous offer to let me insert in your criticism that seems good. It is up to you to take responsibility ; well worth a few days late.

I will be brief because I am still in preparation. Must end with narcissism.

Nothing new side Loe, it has not yet been examined. Yesterday she presented a beautiful specimen of a person Verschreiben you need to know. The address indicated "Frau Professor. Loe K. J. (1)». As it was impossible to change the name, there was no other way to deny the change and loss.

I'll try to squeeze Heller and printer.

Sincerely you


1. It seems that Jones has written Loe by giving him Frau professor Loe Kann Jones.

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