13-03-1914 Jones to Freud

13 March 1914

69 Portland Court, London

Dear Professor Freud,

I am in the unusual position of having to respond to two letters from you, and I have many things to say, so get ready, please, a long epistle. The reason is that my health problems were all disturbed. I suffered a severe cellulite starting in the neck, and touching all the glands on both sides, deep and superficial, from the skull to the shoulder blades and, lower, the clavicles. I saw my patients every day, sauf un, but I could do nothing else because of the pain, etc. It is now much better and I'll be fully recovered.

So I was unable to attend the communication McDougall on sex drive, à la Royal Society of Medicine1, but I dictated my bed a long contribution Hart read at the meeting2. There was a crowd. During the discussion, two psychologists spoke of the drive in general, while the other four speakers were psychoanalysts, so that we were above. [No opposition3.] I organized our first discussion about dividing and delegating to each of our four representatives the party for whom he was well armed, cover the entire history of the land and to the maximum print4. This will contribute significantly to counter the offensive British Medical Journal, and we will soon have other opportunities also. The attack killed Mercier did any of us, and as a Welshman and a Jew will be President and Corporate Secretary5, there is no fear that such attacks can cause what we have learned from Zurich to call a "reaction Aryan" ; my ancestors were in Europe before the Aryans, This may explain in part why I do not believe in pride knowing that tout the "Aryans".

Our company was held last night, et Mrs.. Eder we read a translation of your article on Dynamik der Übertragung6. It was discussed with intelligence and mental acuity, evidence that men learn quickly; we are all good friends (except Miss Long), and meetings are very popular. There are currently in London between thirty and forty patients ψα.

Circular Abraham arrived this morning, and I sent him a letter which will be sent shortly certainly. I hope you received at the time it is the letter Jelgersma. It was very rewarding for us. I met a few years ago in Amsterdam, and I wanted an honest man.

I completely rewrote my essay on the Virgin for Yearbook (7), to add precious materials and deepening that I think is important in the theory (relationship between flatus and castration) ; the last part was sent to Sachs two weeks ago. Late has been a fun episode. Any part of the crocodile based on the fact that these animals, like frogs, have no par-ties external genital8. But reading the book on Osiris Wallis Budge9, which by the way is excellent, I was horrified to learn that the Egyptians were performing certain rites with penis crocodile. Panic, I called several professors of zoology, which none could give me the information I wanted ; the next, I went to the Zoo to take the case to clear. None of the guards knew ; It only remaining thing to do : using rods, overthrow a male on the back, etc. This task proved extremely difficult and has created an exciting scene. I discovered, what I then had confirmation manuals, the animal's penis is completely concealed in the cloaca, which confirmed the hypothesis ψα following which he was to be invisible from the outside. What austere life than a regular doctor versus a life of psychoanalyst !

Herewith an interesting document illustrating the nature of American psychologists.

Flournoy teaches a course on ψα in Geneva, at the Faculty of Sciences; I asked Claparède us to summarize for Magazine, but I do not know if it will10.

The attitude of Loe, in his famous letter, was much better than it has ever been (towards ψα). She now admits that the conclusions of the ψα are quite correct, although they are not of much help ; "This is a science, not treated. "The urological examination he has held ? Of course I am eager to know the results. My great fear is that it reserves the right to use morphine, and that it operates at a difficulty will arise in his life. In his letter, she wrote that your youngest girls had a fever, I hope it's long gone now.

I received a mass of material Heller of Zeitschrijt. Blüher no debits that nonsense11 ; he never defends his own homosexuality. I see that Ferenczi was a flurry of activity in recent times.

I now come to your letters, which I will respond point by point. I will write upon Wells for Varia (12). Of course, you are right about Stekel, but it is a good exercise in self-control ; this month, he had the effrontery to write a paragraph to complain that one critic had distorted his words !

I look forward to your article you yearbook13, and I imagine that events arrive within a fortnight. For political reasons, could we speed things up and remove the Yearbook early May ? Where is the article on Narcissmus14 ? Could you tell me what specific problems you are addressing ?

My exasperation towards Putnam was only momentary, because I recognize all that is admirable and lovable in her. But his inability to draw the ultimate consequences of what he knows, eg Jung, is sometimes challenging.

The fate hands us withdrew the question of the responsibility of passages added in my criticism of Jung. After you have written to ask me to review it myself, Rank wrote me otherwise. What Heller went against in speaking tests. I have corrected (there were some translation errors, but I agree with all additions) the same day, Rank writes but now it was too late, because they could no longer delay the release of the Zeitschrijt;15. Very funny!

If you cite Verschreiben was fine by me, it was not quite unconscious. I got used to address Loe giving his old title, by which is probably still to call in the middle (Pension), but I guess I should stop doing now.

Tonight, I see in the British Medical Journal a scathing critique of my book, which the author makes his bread and butter by revealing his ignorance. I know for a long time, a distinguished Imbecile16.

Burrow Hamill and they can not write me for now leave America, for domestic reasons. The passage, I wanted to ask about Frau Hoesch-Ernst. Is it still in treatment ? It can not be an easy case.

I finally finished, hoping to have from you soon, and friendships

your faithful


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