19-03-1914 Freud to Jones

19 March 1914

Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19

My dear Jones,

Is it true that you are sick ? You do not write seems to confirm the rumor. Tell me more, I hope it is nothing more than your rheumatism.

Today I received two books, you need to know, Treatment by Hypnos, etc., de Lloyd Tuckey, last edition, evoking ψα in the preface and a special chapter of Const. Long(1), and Unconscious, Morton Prince(2). Testing of Long bears no trace of Swiss infection (Perhaps he has been written before [you(3)] she has not heard the gospel of Jung(4)) ; as to the’ Unconscious Prince, it probably has nothing to do with genuine force with which we battalions few hours a day. I'm sure you'll do a review of these two books in the Magazine (5).

I finished my two jobs, Posts et Narcissm, and am available for new adventures. You should not rely on my enthusiasm in either case (6). Moses is just out of the presses (7), It is probably best not to recognize this child in public.

My daughter Hamburg (8) just given birth to a boy, Wolfgang Ernst, the 11 this month, everything went well and everything is going well at the time it is, the boy is not very strong and has not yet shown his survival instincts sucking what is given in abundance. I hope he can still learn.

Regarding Loe, we are on excellent terms, I begin to understand its history, that is very interesting, and I confess strongly admire his persistence and energy, part of which is channeled towards further objectives irrational. As you know, his case was revealed mixed, and it is difficult to say precisely what is done mixing. Herbert Jones leads always impeccably, fate could well make the best of it.

Abraham has shown great talent in the organization of Yearbook. His proposal is certainly keep you busy at this time.

Lucy Hoesch Ernst me left yesterday to my relief. It is a burden.

Hoping to hear from you as soon as possible.

Faithfully to you


1. Constance Long, An Introduction to Psycho-Analysis, in C. Lloyd Tuckey, Treatment by Hypno­tism and Suggestion, 6and eds., London, Ballière, Tindal & Cox, 1913.

2. Prince (1914).

3. Lined in the original.

4. In the left margin, the error is highlighted by " ! ! ». The slip is explained in the letter 183.

5. Jones n'en fit rien.

6. Freud (1914 d, 1914 c).

7. Freud (1914 b).

8. Sophie Freud Halberstadt.

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