09-03-1914 Abraham to Freud

* Berlin W, Rankestrasse 24


Dear Professor,

Tomorrow, a small package will be shipped to your address; it contains the gift by which, long, I wanted to thank you for your portrait, that you had offered. There is some time, Stanley Hall had asked me to donate a photograph of me at the seminar of Psychology Worcester. This is how you will reach a copy of the photograph that I had made for the occasion.

Your manuscript is on my table for more than a week. I read it several times. Concrete, I do not see what I could do to note, except that I found in my own thoughts every word, there is a relief to see it all in black and white; how you did it is particularly satisfying. - I will mention a few points altogether secondary :

  1. P. 20, you say how you came to Rank, but his name is not mentioned. I do not know if this is intentional, but I wanted to point out.
  2. P. 27, there is certainly an omission : "Havelock Ellis, who had followed its development with sympathy. "It certainly lacks at this location : "From the beginning".
  3. The qualifier you assign to Hoche does he not have unfortunate consequences? You are right, of course, but it may be better to remove.

I could not mention anything else. Otherwise, at most, I appreciated being able to, in my capacity as editor, read the manuscript before other. This was compensation for the hard work of the last few months.

I just finished my work on the drive to see. Now, I need to overcome any force my account. I hope that I will receive all contributions in the course of this month.

I return herewith the letter Jelgersma, I had been sent by Jones; it made me very happy. - You should definitely know that I correspond frequently with all members of the Committee. - For Reik, I do my best; but it is not easy to find something.

I ask the question to our group's participation in the research on children [Children Research] and then give you response. ‘

With cordial greetings. Yours


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