11-03-1914 Freud to Ferenczi

463 FA

[Vienna], the 11 March 1914

Cher Ami,

Tonight (10/11) at 3 hours, a boy, as the first small- child (1)! Very singular! A feeling of old, respect to the miracles of sexuality! Sophie is doing very well, she said on the phone itself : "It was not so terrible. »

Sincerely, also to Mrs G.

your Freud

Jahrbuch and Imago appeared.

A. Postcard.

1. Ernst Wolfgang Halberstadt; later, he took the name of Freud and psychoanalysis become. Freud described and interpreted the game of "Fort-Da" of his little son in "The- Beyond the Pleasure Principle ", Tests in psychoanalysis, 1970, pp. 7-81, allusion ; pp. 15-18.

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