16-03-1914 Freud to Abraham

Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19


Cher ami,

I send you tomorrow Narcissism; It was a difficult childbirth, it has all the deformations. Obviously be, I do not like it particularly, but now, I can not deliver other. It still needs to be retouched very. (You see what are my thoughts.) I ask you to decide for yourself where I have to insert your first job (Salzburg), as, generally speaking, I am grateful for all forms of objections. I will take your comments on the "Contributions" correcting proofs.

We need to discuss tomorrow night with Rank and Sachs aggression against your proposal Jung. I am eager to know the answer especially in London, where difficulties could easily appear.

I think things are going very well in Hamburg and my daughter continues to demonstrate courage and wisdom. It can already feed, but the little animal does not drink yet as it should. It is strange that even these vital primary instincts have so much trouble waking. I have always believed that the words of Mephistopheles the student ("Thus in the beginning a child reluctantly accepts the womb[1]») were inaccurate. It's true though, but subsequently also, I hope : "But soon, he enjoys feeding[2]. "Your portrait will return tomorrow at the coach and then take the place of Jung. It's not you full justice; but I thank you very much.

Deuticke expressed a genuine respect for your business editor. In fact, we, all these days, our deployed forces in the work. I must also tell you that your article is excellent locomotion[3]. In the theory of sexuality also, I have not found a better argument in favor of "muscular eroticism" that

analysis abasies culminating in the memory-fantasy [Invented memories] : learning to take his first steps on the mother's body (land).

Your Freud.

I cordially greet you, you and your dear wife.

[1] Quote from Goethe's Faust : "So a child takes the mother's breast in the beginning, reluctantly. »

[2] "But soon it eats with pleasure. »

[3] Cf. article cited in note 2 the letter of 8.12.13.

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