18-03-1914 Freud to Ferenczi

465 F

Prof.. Dr. Freud

the 18 March 1914 Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19

Cher Ami,

Your visit Sunday seems all the more desirable it will not work on the first Sunday, for months. The Narciss.[name] arrived in Berlin after all the intermediate steps. It did not satisfy me (1).

My heartfelt thanks to Mrs. G. for his kind letter. As all the ladies, it did not put the address on the letter.

I wait for you in the morning, early,

Goodbye, your Freud

1. Freud showed the same dissatisfaction in his letters to Abraham (16 III and 6 IV 1914, Freud-Abraham Correspondance, pp. 171 and 175).

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