25-03-1914 Freud to Jones

25 March 1914

Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19

Dear Jones,

Your letter has arrived one day after I posted mine. The same morning, I have read your clever response to the proposal of Abraham and, in the afternoon- noon, I knew the details of your illness by a report Lina Loe. Eh bien, I'm really glad that you are so quickly restored and that you could count on your friends. Promise not to repeat.

Your previous letter reminded me that I was mistaken in believing you have kept the results of the examination of Loe. As I can assume that nothing would interest you more, I begin this letter (intended to be longer than usual, because I suffer from migraine, d’indigestion, etc.) tracing what I missed. Examination showed a slight pyelitis (not serious) of both sides, cystitis was not expected (without symptoms), un pure gauche (painful-ous) in good condition, and right kidney bad state; it does not explain the constant pain left side (torsion, scar or Hysteria), or enlightened state of the left ureter, expected to be expanded and capable of holding concretions. Radio shows have something dark on a corresponding point [at point] Part [coarse(1)] of the urethra in question, even if, of course, I can not make anything of this photograph. It has not been very well for the exam, my impression is that she now plunges into the neurosis which can be useful in case of postponement of marriage.

She now has a theoretical interest in the ψα, lend themselves readily to the analysis, while remaining firmly convinced (ie, decided) that do not change anything gera-. I know (not her) she intended to give her father a child, […(2)], accumulating the contents of this food system, and infuriating against mother, which caused a "miscarriage", which had destroyed the child training enemas daily. Revulsion came after she took a husband (you know) who has served two terms paternal important (one being "to help the father", other, "Show his penis to the child") ; she has turned into her mother, and from the mother and are constantly arguing in his soul.

My interesting "Verschreiben" has been arouse your suspicion. But remember that I did not try to hide, and I even caught your attention on him(3). A few days earlier, I made the same mistake with Rank, perhaps with the same undesirable result. I complained of the unreliability and neglect Reik, Rank and Sachs and as I have certified, I pronounced "Rank" instead of "Reik (4) ». But no reproach would be unfair in the case of Rank. The explanation lies elsewhere. This is a common trick of my unconscious to supplant someone I do not like a better (see the first dream of "Irma Injection(5)»). Rank instead of Reik is the equivalent of thinking: For why can not it be like you ? It's veiled tenderness, just like in your case. You may recall that after the Munich Congress(6) I could not pronounce the name "Jung" and I had always replace "Jones".

Your letter to Abraham seemed convincing us all (Ferenczi is this Sunday) ; our thoughts were already engaged on the same track. It is impossible to accelerate Yearbook, the next deadline is the end of July. Maybe an attack could be risky side total inactivity and laziness of the Central ; there is no trace of Correspondentzblatt since September. The only qualm is that we would be unhappy to have, so better not to press.

The activity report of your letter (not perdue) was very promising, and epi-sode of amusing crocodile. I'm sure next year you will captain at the head of the army.

Fisher Unwin (I never know if I give you the news for the first or second time) negotiates the English edition, not only the’ «Everyday life», but also Totem & Taboo of Joke (7). Federn have the good fortune to go to America to continue treatment of a rich man, he desperately needed.

The War Office, Washington asked for my portrait collection of the Medical Museum and Library. The etching performed at the request of Heller is now out ; some friends find it excellent, la famille abominable ; Loe is of the opinion.

Now that our critical issue is published, waiting to see the effect(8).

With my best wishes and all my friends

well you


1. Lined in the original.

2. Mot illisible, lined in the original.

3. See letter 181, note 4.

4. Theodor Reik (1888-1970), Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Vienna 1911 ; exercised "lay analysis" ; accused of quackery 1926, he was acquitted with the help of Freud ; author prolifera-fic, contributions affect all areas, of psychoanalysis autobiography through anthropology and literature.

5. The first of his dreams that Freud has made a detailed interpretation; see Freud (1900a, p. 106-121 ; trad., p. 253-257).

6. International Psychoanalytic Association, 7-8 September 1913.

7. Fisher Unwin was out two ; see Brill (1914, 1916c).

8. The Magazine containing three critical Jung: Abraham (1914), Jones (1914c) Ferenczi et (1914).

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