08-04-1914 Jones to Freud

8 April 1914

69 Portland Court, London

Dear Professor Freud,

Thank you very much for your letter and welcome rich. I'm sorry that the news about Loe were not able to be better. Pain left side must be hysterical. The last time we made the left kidney, we all had a twist to the idea of ​​the urethra, a tissu cicatriciel, etc., but we nothing found that could explain the pain, even if, since then, another calculation has been formed. This is an interesting lesson on indirect effects of organic neurosis. Hysterical retention of urine America, cystitis due to infection by catheter, ascending pyelitis with concretion calculation around, favored by intestinal toxins due to constipation hysterical.

I wish I knew one day, for my benefit, the reason for the hatred they devote myself. It preceded the start in Canada, it could be caused by some "infidelity" on my part. I always attributed to a miscarriage (confirmed by what she said in Toronto during a hysterical frenzy), despite all its Denega-tions, and what you say about the relationship of the mother to the alimentary canal seems to corroborate this view ; thereafter I became a mother. Is it just ?

I am delighted that my response to the proposal of Abraham is in agreement with your views. It is always unsatisfactory not reach a conclusion clear-cut, but I have felt unable. The idea of ​​an attack against the Zentral inspires me some hesitation, because it would be so obviously an excuse had better engage in battle on the real reasons for the objection. Maybe we meet in Berlin on the last Sunday of May, before the groups disperse for the summer (Sachs return to London at about the same time), and discuss the final campaign.

I am very satisfied with the work done here by the company and, d'ici a an, hope to have four highly trained men. This is not much, but the men of this kind are rare in our work. The general interest in ψα in England is growing day by day, and everything seems satisfactory.

Abraham fulfills its obligations as a true professional writer, and I'm sure he will be very effective. Je lui ai adressé mon Therapie-Referat (1) last week; Perhaps you will be good enough to criticize the general remarks concluding (the text is now in Sachs).

Your picture has caused me a great shock when I opened the roll. The expression seemed more "concerned" that meditative, nose was broken, and lips carelessly executed. However, I found that by going to 3 m., and reminding me that it was a burning impressionist, not a photograph, he took another aspect that was interesting. I do not find it particularly good, but it makes a good state of mind. It is clever, but not great.

What is your next step work ? I hope you will continue with the series of «ADVICE (2) » [Recommendations], whose need is acute.

Morton Prince comes to London next week to give a lecture (3), probably go down there with me. It makes a better impression in person and through his writings.

On a personal level, new here : my new stepmother, that is a vulgar, began to quarrel with my sisters before turning against me so she just quarreled with my father (4). I'm sorry, I love it because despite its weaknesses, but perhaps that is it has the advantage of increasing my independence. I am fully recovered, and even rheumatism has completely disappeared. I'm leaving tomorrow for three days in Paris. It will be a change plai-ing, I have friends and to see.

I have little prospect of writing any article whatsoever in the coming months, because other tasks keep me going (contributions to society, work of teaching, translation, etc.). However, I sent some contributions to the Rank Magazine (5), here at the priorité. Rank is certainly very busy up ground lost to the printers' strike.

Sincere friendships



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4. Edith May Howard inspired a deep aversion to Jones and her two sisters, Elizabeth et Sibyl (personal communication Mervyn Jones, London, 16 January 1990). Father Jones, Tho­mas Jones, was married to Mary Ann Lewis, died in the spring 1909.

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