05-04-1914 Freud to Ferenczi

468 F

Prof.. Dr. Freud

Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19 the 5 April 1914

Cher Ami,

I have not been able to obtain sleeper tickets, I have to take the risk that arises. I can not bring myself to now specify the return trip. Certainly, I canceled the patients until Wednesday morning, but if I am ready to leave Brijuni on Monday, and nothing to do on Tuesday, Vienna. Much will depend on the approval of the stay; be bound in advance also has its drawbacks.

You will be surprised to see me coming with someone else. Annerl has whooping cough and naturally can not accompany us, she wisely inclined itself suggested that I take someone else in his place. Rank a accepté, So our stay and share. Nous serons tout «magazine».

Since your departure, bad time, overwork and indisputable intolerance tobacco. I have also done nothing since.

These days are dominated by a small fright, I hope, eventually be reduced to nothing. The package was sent to Abraham Hitschmann, the 1he month, with the manuscripts of the Jahrbuch is, to date, not yet arrived. It is hard to imagine what would happen if he was really lost. Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow (1), but this is a warning, must make a copy of each manuscript.

Good news from Hamburg, my wife back at the end of the month, Oli on Wednesday to share his journey in Egypt.

The translation of the little dream Eder (2) my hands since yesterday. Otherwise, nothing new.

I bring a pen, with a card Loe.

Cordial greetings and goodbye,

your Freud

1. This was the case. Freud to Abraham, of 6 IV 1914, Freud-Abraham Correspondance, p. 174.

(2) Freud (1901a), The dream and its interpretation, 1969, trad. English by M.D. Eder, London, 1914.

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