06-04-1914 Freud to Abraham

* Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19


Cher ami,

Hitschmann phoned me this morning to tell me that the patient[1] Berlin came. Thus was ended a slight concern. We thought that your shipment was suffering, but we dared not we include the cases in which it would befallen.

Side Sadger, especially do not let nothing disturb, and insist that everything be eliminated is wandering and aggressiveness. It is rare that we can tolerate S. without censoring. The same, it is really unnecessary to make claims for Stekel.

"Persecution" is the term that Adler himself used; I will replace in accordance with your wishes. Instead of : the "dirty" [unclean] A spirit. Hoche, I will : the evil spirit ".

You are also a buyer for Narcissism, it touches me deeply and tightens further the ties that bind us. On this point, I feel very strong to severe impairment. I will insert the point you want on that one misses sublimation in Jungian therapy. Moses is the anonymous, firstly by amu-ment, secondly because I am ashamed of her character dilettante obvious, which is also difficult to escape in the works for Imago; Finally, because, more than habit yet, I doubt the results and I did not published until pressed by writing.

The judgment you about burning matches many opinions here. I heard harsher judgments and other more enthusiastic.

The little work "On Dreams"[2] was published yesterday in the English translation of Eder.

Apart from this, nothing new : calm, perhaps, before the storm.

I cordially greet you, you and your dear wife, and I wish you to be quickly rid the inevitable childhood illnesses, which is much better, as can be seen, get rid sooner than later.

Your Freud.


J'ai reçu le premier numéro de la Journal for Sexology. I wanted to make my contribution depend on the position that emerges in relation to psychoanalysis. But the thing is not very attractive. There is a note of the seedier in the article Eulenburg (p. 9), and an account of Saaler, that considers the work of Stekel on fetishism is a measure of the current state of psychoanalysis. This reinforces for me to be even more cautious.

The Company has decided to recognize Fliess. It is well, because it is the only original spirit among them and has a bit of truth unknown. But the enslavement of our sexual biology to psychoanalysis fliessienne would not be a lesser evil than his enslavement to an ethic, metaphysics, or something similar. You know, you know its inability psychology, his mind systematic physicist. Left = female = subconscious anxiety =. In all cases, we must maintain our independence and assert our rights equal. A la fin, we can meet with all the sciences parallel.


[1] This is the manuscript of Abraham for the Jahrbuch.

[2] S. Freud : The dream and its interpretation [About the dream], 1901, trad. fr. Gallimard.

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