19-04-1914 Abraham to Freud

* Berlin, In, Rankestrasse 24


Dear Professor,

Assuming you are now back in Vienna, I will respond to your letter today detailed 6. I hope your little trip brought you the rest you wanted.

The Jahrbuch Jung is poor. It seems to me that the new one will be a significantly higher quality; I am pleased that it should appear in June. Hitschmann told me that you have somewhat eased my comment, in the preface, on the exclusion of the case analysis (I agree completely). Or, there some time this, Sadger asked me for an article Jahrbuch large enough to reverse, felt that pre-cases, but also points principle. I then refused temporarily. Under these conditions, should we accept?

I would also like to ask you again to tell me what day you propose to Congress, you or members Vienna. Jung proposed the 4 and 5 September, taking into account the International Congress of Neurology to be held later in Bern.

The new Zeitschrift für Sexualwissenschaft I'm not a big impression. Eulenburg, the remainder, is senile; so, in recent discussions, I spared.

Our group will meet in May; our debate must focus on the phenomena of Oedipus in childhood. For my part, I must now get back to my thesis, I was forced to abandon all winter. I would much rather deal with a few issues that I now have more to heart. The two things may be reconciled. There was a recent issue of Simplicissimus a joke that vividly illustrates your essay on narcissism, especially on the issue of hypochondria; this is why I send.

Apart from this, cordial greetings, My wife also, to you and yours.

Votre Karl Abraham.

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