24-04-1914 Freud to Abraham

* Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19


Cher ami,

You certainly have been as surprised as me to see with what solicitude Jung rule our business. Our reservation was eventually bear fruit ; in one way or another, we will be rid of him, perhaps even a whole Swiss.

I immediately brought into action the convening of the Conference of Presidents and I asked to write a circular Rank which should enable a decision by letter and thus save themselves a trip. The process is accomplished in two stages : First among friends, and only if they are in agreement, formally to all presidents (c.à.d. two more people). I ask you to support the proposal that you assign to the Congress leadership.

I enjoyed Brioni (2), but when there, I struggled against an indisposition which I had not known and is reported here as a tracheo-laryngitis serious. At this very moment, I am not well at all and intellectually, particularly, I'm completely inactive. Perhaps our members get weighed down by the intoxication of spring.

Hitschmann find the Jahrbuch is already more than fulfilled, so that Rank and Sachs withdrew their contribution. One can very well accept Sadger and set aside.

Last week, I spoke with two members of the U.S. Ward's Island (the group most seriously) ; they assured me Jung's influence at home is not at all important. He seems to have strong support in the person of Jellife.

With cordial greetings to you and your dear wife, and my best wishes for the new era ajungienne,

Your Freud.

2. Island in the Adriatic.

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