24-04-1914 Freud to Ferenczi

470 F

Prof.. Dr. Freud.

the 24 April 1914 Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19

Cher Ami,

A Brioni, I had noticed something like a home inhibition, and I connected it to the presence of Rank, but I did not go look further, because I was suffering from withdrawal of libido hypochondriac. From, expressed a grand home with tracheo-laryngitis net loss of general signs prodromal. I have not stopped working – by greed and sense of duty - but I missed it last Wednesday and, today, I am far from feeling good, either locally or in general but, first of all, I can not think.

The surprising resignation of Jung (1) we really eased the task. There seems to be a part of the force that… etc. (2). What happens in it, it projects, can not guess, we may as well ignore it. Maybe he succumbed to the burst of the Zeitschrift* and bomb Jahrbuch too late. Immediately, I felt like a "steering committee" and I brought an action in which you and other friends must be, or are already, informed by a circular Rank (3).

The conquest of fire, I just have nothing. The cultural history is silent. But I'm very curious to see what you two come out of serious.

Materials for the Jahrbuch must, as stated Hitschmann, limited! Rank and Sachs withdrew their contribution (4) therefore. You'll want to put aside your well exposed for another time, ferment or leaven as a new job.

With cordial greetings to you and to Mrs. G.,

Your faithful Freud

* Criticism of Ferenczi about "Symbols of Transformation libido" Jung (1913, 124, Psychoanalysis, II, pp. 88-104), Magazine, 1913, 1, 391-403, and critical discussions about its work by Abraham, Ferenczi and Jones, in the next volume of the Zeitschrift (1914, 2, pp. 72-87).

(1) Four days before, Jung wrote to Freud : "Very honored Mr. President! I am persuaded by the recent events that my designs are so steep in opposition with the designs of the majority of the members of our Association that I can not consider myself as a personality fit for the presidency. I also commend my resignation to the Conference of Presidents, with gratitude for the confidence I have enjoyed so far. With the expression of my respect, Dr. C.G.jung. "Freud-Jung Correspondence, II, p. 334.

(2) « … force which sometimes does and sometimes creates evil with good " (see 35 F, note 1).

(3) The 30 April, Freud wrote identical letters to the presidents of the six European (Berlin, Budapest, London, Munich, Vienne et Zurich), asking them "to appoint, among the six presidents of the local groups that come into play, the person to whom you want to entrust the management of the association until the election of a President ; you are not required to exclude your own person… Myself, I am inclined to elect Dr.. Abraham, as provisional president of the association, since it is he who is best placed to carry out, from his place of residence, preliminary steps for the conference to be held in Dresden " (unpublished letter). The proposal was accepted Freud.

(4) UNIDENTIFIED contribution.

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